Voice Columnist Nat Hentoff Honored As One Of 100 Outstanding Journalists Of Last 100 Years

Congrats, Nat!
Congratulations are in order for longtime Voice columnist Nat Hentoff, who was honored yesterday as one of the 100 outstanding journalists of the last 100 years by New York University's Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute.

Hentoff's column has appeared in the Voice for more than 50 years. Unlike many of the other journos honored on NYU's list, Hentoff -- at 87 years old -- still writes. Check his latest Voice column -- about Governor Andrew Cuomo and a "ceaselessly overreaching government" -- here.

Hentoff's columns focused on civil liberties, music, and politics. He's described by the Washington Post as "a foremost authority in the area of First Amendment defense. He is also an expert on the Bill of Rights, the Supreme Court, student rights and education."

Hentoff's listed with fourth estate heavyweights like Ben Bradlee, Truman Capote, Walter Cronkite, and Ernest Hemingway.

The list was announced yesterday at a reception for the 100-year anniversary of NYU's journalism school.

Click here to see the complete list -- and congrats, Nat!

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