Bad Pitch Leads To New Jersey Umpire Beating Up Baseball Coach...At A Little League Game

In baseball, the understanding is that you never argue balls and strikes. In New Jersey, doing so could apparently get you punched in the face.
Oh, New Jersey -- you keep us so endlessly entertained...

The latest laughing stock to come out of the Garden State is 40-year-old Joe Bellamy, who started a fight with a baseball umpire over an allegedly bad pitch that the ump called a strike. The kicker: it was during a little league game, where the players are between 8 and 11 years old. The other kicker: Bellamy's outburst backfired -- from the sound of it, he got his ass handed to him by the 21-year-old umpire.

According to the Piscataway Township Police Department, about 8:50 p.m. Friday, cops were called to the little league complex to respond to the brawl.

Bellamy, who coaches the "Astros," was angry that umpire Dave Delnegro III called a pitch that hit the ground before it got to the plate a strike. Delnegro claims Bellamy stormed on to the field to argue the call.

Again, just so we're all on the same page, this was during a little league game, where the players are between 8 and 11 years old.
   As Bellamy was arguing with Delnegro, Delnegro claims he felt threatened, so he punched Bellamy several times in the face, leaving him bloody.

According to, the fight happened in front of about 40 fans and parents, in addition to the young players on both teams.

Bellamy never punched Delnegro, and claims he didn't threaten him. Delnegro, however, tells a different tale.

Through his attorney, Delnegro issued the following statement:

"Mr. Delnegro was initially reluctant to umpire in Piscataway, having been previously warned about the unusually volatile nature of certain coaches and fans in that township.

"In fact, Mr. Delnegro's father is also a little league umpire, and was greatly concerned for his son's safety and well-being in Piscataway. Their concerns proved to be well-founded.

"Mr. Delnegro's position is that on the date of the alleged incident, while he was umpiring, one of the coaches (the alleged victim, Joseph M. Bellamy), became verbally abusive to the point of belligerence over a call that he had made. In an attempt to maintain order, Mr. Delnegro ejected the irate man from the game.

"But rather than exit the field, Mr. Bellamy advanced upon Mr. Delnegro in a loud, aggressive and threatening manner, and actually made physical contact with Mr. Delnegro, such that Mr. Delnegro feared for his safety.

"Accordingly, Mr. Delnegro intends to assert self-defense should the meritless charge against him be maintained."

Only Delnegro's been charged with any crimes -- he faces one count of simple assault at a youth sporting event. No court date has been set.  

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Having witnessed this incident and knowing Joe, Mr Delnegro is lucky the coach showed restraint in front of the kids or else Mr. Delnegro would have left in an ambulance.


Obviously you received your facts from Mr. Delnegro.  If you bothered to fact check any of your story with the 40 or so eyewitnesses who saw the game with their own two eyes instead of getting misleading information from the defendant would know that the argument started not from a bad pitch (which means you are taking a jab at the innocent 8 to 11 year olds) but rather Mr. Delnegro being agitated even before the game started and wanting to hurry the game along because he had a date.  The coach didn't argue the pitch he said what's the rush you are cheating the kids out of the game.  Mr. Delnegro immediately became irate and starting flailing his arms!  At not time did Mr. Bellamy ever raise a hand or a finger to Mr. Delnegro.  Ask Mr. Delnegro why he was kicked out of Middlesex Little League for being an aggressive umpire.  The town that his father USED to be the president of the little league.  Please get your story straight before you put it out there for your misled readers!

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