Cancer Faker Jessica Vega Ordered To Cough Up Victims' Cash; Avoids Additional Jail Time

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Jessica Vega: cancer faker/total scumbag.

In the long history of degenerate scumbags, few are scummier than Jessica Vega, an Upstate woman who faked having cancer to raise money for a wedding and a Caribbean honeymoon. Her plan backfired, though -- and now Vega's been ordered to repay the generous people she scammed out of more than $13,000.

Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman said today that Orange County Court Judge Robert Freehill has ordered Vega, 25, to pay full restitution to her victims to the tune of $13,368. Vega, however, avoided additional jail time after pleading guilty last month to one count each of scheme to defraud in the first degree and criminal possession of a forged instrument -- the judge sentenced Vega to time served, which equates to about eight weeks behind bars.

"To prey on people's emotions by pretending to have a terminal illness is unconscionable," Schneiderman says. "I am pleased that the community members, who felt so compelled to generously help a neighbor in need, will be given back their hard earned money."

In spring of 2010, Vega told family and friends that she had terminal cancer and had only a few months to live. She told people her dying wish was to have a dream wedding with her baby-daddy Michael O'Connell, and that she wanted to go to Aruba for the couple's honeymoon.

Because of her touching story, people in the Mid-Hudson region donated money to help Vega achieve her dying dream.

Vega's wishes came true -- she and O'Connell were married in May of 2010 and the couple honeymooned an Aruba -- all on the dime of generous people who thought they were helping a dying woman go out with a bang.

But then Vega didn't die, and that cancer she claimed was killing her disappeared -- and that's because she never had cancer, and she never was dying. Vega just used a disease that torments millions of families to rip people off.

In addition to the time served -- and the restitution -- Vega also was ordered to complete 300 hours of community service. 

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All the guilty ones should do a year minimum volunteering in a cancer ward on top of whatever the regular sentencing is. My grandpa died of lung cancer. It is sad that people will lie just for money.


TO:  Mr. AlanAbel

FROM: Spencer Investigations

DATE:  May 21,2012


                                    CONFIDENTIAL REPORT


     We managed to trackdown the hacker to your email account in Abuja, Nigeria ( whobegan sending his plea for funds to your mailing list at 5:37 am on April 18,2012. He claimed to be stranded in Swansea, New South Wales at 12 WindstreetAlley SAl- lEP, and urged people to send money via Western Union.

     Our sting operationhas made contact with the culprit and he expressed his chagrin over not beingable to retrieve the funds at Western Union. (We had sent him $2 and advised WUnot to disclose the amount or dispense funds unless recipient could answer ourmystery question: Who was the foreman in charge of construction at King Tut’stomb?)

     Then we provided allinformation above to the Central Police in Abuja, Nigeria and Swansea Police inNew South Wales for their cooperation in apprehending the thief who assumedyour ID.

     Meantime, our loyalcontact in Nigeria offered to hire someone to burn down the hacker’s neighbor’shouse for $50. This act would inspire incredible revenge against the hacker andhis family for such a  diabolicaldeed. The hit man could also write a threatening letter to the President ofNigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, in the hacker’s name, seeking extortion.

     We have tabled anysuch actions because the retribution, if caught, would subject the person toterrible torture followed by the loss of arms and legs. Or his body might besold to a cannibal tribe in Basutoland,Africa. This is a standard procedure forcriminals in Nigeria.

     Finally, your emailaddress is secure now with the changes that you have incorporated. Pleaseadvise if we can be of further service to you and our apologies as well to allyour contacts who were almost scammed by a lowly dirtbag without a life.



                                                #   #   #





Jessica Vega cried "Wolf" and won her 15 minutes of Andy Worhol fame on the world stage. Now it's payback time, along with feelings of guilt, shame and daily dry heaves. She joins a few other female fakers....Rosie Ruiz who took the subway to win the NY Marathon, Janet Cook who won a Pulitizer Prize for a tearful story in the Washington Post, printed as fact rather than fiction and Mrs. Madoff who played possum while her husband stole billions. It's now time to establish a NATIONAL HALL OF SHAME for all the fraudulent winners. 


I want to go down on her.


What happened to giving people at least a year in jail for felony crimes. Our judicial branch is getting way too soft on what the consider non-violent crimes. In many cases these crimes do more harm than someone who had their money stolen by force. Our judges need to get back to dishing out justice.

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