"Depraved Sex Fiend" Jeffrey Ritter Will Get Out Of Prison Some Day. Meanwhile, "Rape Cop" Michael Pena Will Die Behind Bars

Former NYPD officer Michael "Rape Cop" Pena will die in prison after getting convicted of sexually assaulting a young teacher. Latin King gangster/convicted sex offender Jeffery Ritter will be out of prison before his 50th birthd

A Brooklyn perv -- who's been referred to in the mainstream media as a "tattoo freak," a "beefy beast," a "twisted perv," and a "depraved sex fiend" because he sexually assaulted an 85-year-old woman -- eventually will get out of prison, which is absolutely ridiculous considering his lengthy rap sheet and the fact that he's now been convicted of two sex crimes..

Jeffery "Lupe" Ritter, 33, was sentenced yesterday to 15 years in prison for the attack on the elderly woman, during which he put her in a headlock, dragged her into a sunken staircase and forced her to perform oral sex on him before stealing a ring she was wearing..

Just to give Ritter's sentence a little context, "Rape Cop" Michael Pena will spend the rest of life in prison for a similar sexual assault -- and Pena wasn't already a convicted sex offender at the time of his attack.

In addition to the attack on the 85-year-old woman, Ritter -- who is a member of the Latin Kings street gang and was living with his transgender girlfriend at the time of the attack -- has 11 prior arrests, including one in Nebraska for sexually abusing a child.

At the time of his arrest, Ritter told police "I feel like shit. A worthless piece of shit," according to court records first obtained by the New York Post.

He went on to tell police "I was drunk, and didn't know what I was doing."

Not that it makes a difference, but "Rape Cop" Pena also was drunk at the time of of his attack, when he forced a young teacher into an alley using his NYPD-issued pistol and sexually assaulted her. Get the details here.

Pena was sentenced to 75 years to life in prison for the attack -- and he isn't a member of a criminal street gang with 11 prior arrests -- and will likely die in prison.

The only differences between Pena's attack and Ritter's is that Pena forcefully sodomized the teacher, where Ritter forced his victim to perform oral sex.

Regardless, a former cop with a clean rap sheet is doing life in prison while a gang-banging sex offender with 11 prior arrests -- including one for sexually assaulting a child -- will be out before he's 50.

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Without meaning any comment on your analysis or the point you are making, and just to keep your facts straight:  Pena *did* force his victim to perform oral sex on him -- twice, in fact.  Those were two of the three counts of which he was convicted, for each of which he was sentenced to 25 years to life.  So Pena will be spending at least 50 years behind bars for forcing oral sex. 

Yes, you are right that Pena (also) "forcefully sodomized" the victim.  That was the third count of his conviction, and another 25 years to life inside. 

And we also don't know that Pena had "a clean rap sheet".  There was no mention of that at the trial.  One reason (and this is guessing, of course) is that there *was* something in his background that would have emerged on cross-examination if his lawyer had attempted to portrayed him as an innocent gone wrong. 

With that said:  The comparison you make is a good one.  My own sense is that Ritter got off too easily, not that Pena got too harsh a sentence.  But that's for each person to weigh. 


Since these guys can never be reformed, anymore than someone can reform me from digging women, the solution to first-time offenders is a choice: either a lengthy sentence, or snip 'em off and do 10.

Brendan A. MacWade
Brendan A. MacWade

Ritter is a repeat sex offender, meaning that he is probably on meds to neuter him while in prison. He will never be reformed. He should be in psych prison for the rest of his life. The sentence to Pena, while harsh, was not unjust at all. That's what premeditated rapists SHOULD be getting. We have young black men doing the same time for selling drugs. Tell me which offense is worse.


I've always said the "rape cop" verdict was UNJUST.  Glad to see someone else make the case, in this very compelling way here.

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