Dharun Ravi Accused Of Being Gay By Post Columnist Andrea Peyser (In Column About Not Humiliating People Based On Sexual Orientation)

Dharun Ravi was sentenced to 30 days in jail after getting found guilty of charges related to the suicide of 18-year-old Tyler Clementi. As far as we know, Ravi's not gay -- and Andrea Peyser's a hypocrite.
In a column about a Rutgers University student who committed suicide because he was publicly humiliated by his freshman roommate for being gay, New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser publicly humiliates the roommate -- who by all accounts is not gay -- by claiming that he's a "possible closet case."

She then calls Dharun Ravi, the former Rutgers University student who received a slap on the wrist for his involvement in the 2010 suicide death of Tyler Clementi, a "doofus douchebag" before arguing that just about everyone who'd ever met Clementi should be charged with a crime in his suicide.

Clementi, as you probably know, jumped off the George Washington Bridge in September of 2010 after he learned that Ravi had recorded him making out with a man in the dorm room the two shared. The case brought national attention to the issue of cyber-bullying and the struggles of LGBT youth.

Here's a taste of Peyser's column:

Why prosecute a doofus douche bag -- and possible closet case -- like Ravi? Why not go after every single kid whoever shouted an anti-gay slur? Or every mother who rejected her gay son?

Ravi may be a doofus, and he may be a douchebag, but there is nothing to suggest that he's gay. If he is gay, though, Peyser apparently thinks it's her job to tell the world.

Peyser cites comments made by Ravi's attorneys (at sentencing -- when defense lawyers will say whatever it takes to get their client the best sentence possible) as some sort of basis for her claim that Ravi might be a homosexual.

From her column:

Minutes earlier, Ravi's own lawyer, Steve Altman, asked that his client get only probation, using a pitch that made Ravi's sheet-peeking sound suspiciously as if it were motivated not by anti-gay bias, but his own failure to own up to same-sex urges.

Altman repeated, twice, as if quoting a porn flick, that Ravi was not "desiring or wanting to see sexual penetration or sexual contact'' when he flipped on his cam. "Sexual penetration or sexual contact.''

Again, there is nothing to suggest that Ravi's gay. If he is, though, he was just outed by Andrea Peyser -- in a column about how horrible it is to publicly humiliate people based on their sexual orientation.

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Even more alarmingly:  she makes a living as a columnist and doesn't know the difference between "who ever" and "whoever"...


Obviously prosecuting every kid whos shouted an anit gay slur is just idiotic and overboard, but I would not be surprised in the least if Ravi was a closet homosexual. He wanted to have a viewing party for his roommate having an encounter with a man - no secure straight man I know (myself included) would willingly join in on that, much less be so obsessed with my roommates sexuality to post it on Twitter. The kid is obviously insecure about his own sexuality and I think he's going to really enjoy prison.


Then the defense lawyers should never have broached the possibility.  It is a ridiculous and too facile  excuse to say, "Defense lawyers will say whatever it takes to get their client the best sentence possible," especially in such a high-profile case. Are you implying that officers of the court dissemble?


Peyser is a real piece of shit. End of story. 


The worst part of this abhorrent column was when she claimed Tyler's mother was responsible for his death, citing her texting during the verdict as proof she didn't care or wasn't attentive enough to her son. This column was so utterly dispicable that I can't help but wonder if this was meant as a trolling-for-page hits stunt. Even by Peyser's usual low standards of decency, this was beyond the pale.

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