Goodbye, Chemical Cannabis? U.S. Senate OKs Fake Pot Ban

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The U.S. Senate has just put the kibosh on K2.

After a months-long effort to ban synthetic marijuana, spearheaded by the Empire State's very own Charles Schumer, the Senate voted today to ban the sale of fake bud.

The Daily News notes that the measure passed by getting tacked onto a Food and Drug Administration bill.

In December, the U.S. House of Representatives greenlighted similar legislation.

Both will get "reconciled" next week before going before President Barack Obama.

Now, as the Voice has repeatedly reported, New York has long been a foe of fake pot.

In March, Gov. Andrew Cuomo ordered the Department of Health to bar the sale of chemical cannabis. Though laws against it have passed in both the Assembly and Senate, neither have been signed into law.

Talk of a fake-pot prohibition had circulated since at least May 2010, when Kathleen Rice then used it as a talking point in her failed bid for State Attorney General.

Under the proposed law, you can get up to 30 years in the slammer for selling this dodgy dope substitute.

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No news here, they've been banning the sale of fake weed for ages. Problem is, they gotta ban a chemical in it. So they're just gonna find another more dangerous chemical that has the same effects.


if no drug test and real pot was legal this chemical  mojo wouldnt even exisit/                          it wont stop herbal/chemicals anyway.LEGALIZE POT

Pablo Hein Pereira Stolle
Pablo Hein Pereira Stolle

 I don't care much if this synthetic pot is made illegal, i do care thou if the real thing stays illegal. If a supreme court judge takes a bit of time to have a good knowledge about the hundreds of industrial, medical and economic benefits this plant gives us, like for example, a sixth of the soil used on industrial hemp fuels all existing engines in the USA, eradicates almost all cotton, witch is an unhealthy plant and provides enough pulp for the best 7 times recyclable paper instead of trees, witch we (also all other animals and plants)need badly. Also hempcrete ( concrete made of hemp)to build better, plastics witch are biodegradable..And yes, also enjoyable hemp ( Marijuana) provides cures to many sorts of cancer, and many others diseases.So, if a judge gets to know that, then he or she will doom themselves on a criminal act against humanity if they judge it on behalf of prohibition.As long no one dies from an overdose of Cannabis, i consider those who forbids it as totally alien to our nature, humanity and world.


WHY CAN'T THEY just do it the easy way, and quit screwing with people over REAL Pot?

...Solve your damn 'Spice' problem right there...

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