Friends Of Nazi Hillbilly Behind Arizona Massacre Try To Blame Murders On Mexicans

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Neo-Nazi J.T. Ready killed four people in Arizona yesterday before turning the gun on himself. His racist pals tried blaming the shooting on a "cartel assassination squad."
By now you've probably heard about J.T. Ready, the Nazi hillbilly who killed four people in Arizona before -- like a coward -- turning the gun on himself yesterday afternoon.

At this point, it's fairly clear Ready was the shooter -- our former colleagues in Arizona have confirmed with police that they suspect it to be a case of quadruple-murder/suicide. However, Ready's racist hillbilly buddies are attempting to blame the murders on Mexicans (natch) -- despite there being nothing to suggest anyone but Ready was the shooter.

We met Ready several times during our five years in the desert while working for the Voice's sister paper the Phoenix New Times -- he's one of the more charming National Socialists we've had the displeasure of meeting. Subsequently, we "liked" his Facebook page to keep up with what he and his Nazi buddies were up to. Below is what's currently posted on Ready's page:
Reports are unconfirmed that a cartel assassination squad murdered JT Ready and several of his friends and family this afternoon in Gilbert Arizona. This page's admin will keep you updated of the situation as soon as possible.

Law enforcement officials never publicly suspected a cartel hit squad had anything to do with the murders -- and there has been no update.

Naturally, Nazi scum like Ready and his cronies would initially try to blame the shootings on Mexicans (yes, "cartel" -- in the world of racist hillbillies -- translates to "Mexicans"). But the Facebook status was posted after it was confirmed that Ready was the shooter -- and it seems his comrades are too embarrassed to admit that their messiah (not a Mexican hit squad) was the trigger-man.

Ready got his name in the papers several years ago when he organized packs of armed nativists and neo-Nazis to patrol the Arizona desert in search of illegal immigrants and drugs. He carried a Nazi flag during white-supremacist rallies and is widely regarded as Arizona's most prominent racist. At the time of his death, he was running for sheriff in a county just south of Phoenix. See our former colleague Stephen Lemons' -- who knew Ready much better than we did -- take on the neo-Nazi here.

Yesterday, it's presumed Ready murdered his girlfriend, his girlfriend's daughter, his girlfriend's daughter's boyfriend, and the couple's 15-month-old daughter before taking his own life. As a friend said yesterday, it seemed "only a matter of time" before Ready killed somebody.

It's undoubtedly a sad story -- a family (including a baby) is dead. But it would be hard to argue that the world is not a remarkably better place now that J.T. Ready is no longer in it.

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Artour Rakhimov
Artour Rakhimov

RE: Terrorism alert: KGB total mind control technique

State and national security officials continue to ignore/hide the real causes of most massacres and still provide grounds for potential terrorists who can commit similar crimes as the recent massacre in Afghanistan, or 2007 Virginia Tech massacre, or this massacre in Arizona. This is because some part of Russian KGB (not Moscow or Putin) uses a mind control technique that requires only a few hours and leads to total mind control. After GULAG KGB mind control application, nearly all people can kill themselves, their children, parents, best friends, and many others. The technique was developed and tested in largest world’s mind control labs: KGB GULAG labor camps where over 10 million perished.

I repeat this total mind control technique requires only a few hours of intimacy. This can be easily achieved due to, for example, prevalent promiscuity and lack of public awareness about this method and KGB people who use such mind control.

While Stanley Milgram study (replicated many times later) showed that it takes about 2 hours to make an average person to kill another (innocent) person, over 100 KGB GULAG labs found a shortcut or faster and more lasting solution that does not require presence of authority.

Note that such crimes are nearly impossible to prove, since the brainwashed people either kill themselves or, if they survive, will say only those things that were ordered them to say, although there are physiological changes (like only about 2 hours of natural sleep) that can be used to identify zombies.

Artour Rakhimov, PhD

Jack Foreigner
Jack Foreigner

Dude looks like a character out of World of Warcraft or something!!

Just curious...was his girlfriend Mexican??  Her name sounded vaguely hispanic, only without the final "z" or "s"....


i'm a chicano living in the breakaway racist state of arizona, i carry my passport with me at all times. a clue to those passing through our state for business or pleasure. the flyers of the texas confederate flag are nazilike in their hatred for all minorities. look for that. they will say it is 'history, not hatred' , i disagree. liberals here want to help mexicans who travel for work that their lawns stay green and their kitchens clean. we will ultimately prevail politically here simply because of demographics.. between today and that time when we reach the point of stasis in immigration we will see the rise and popularity of racist madmen like mr. ready.

Thomas Mc
Thomas Mc

May he burn forever in Hell. Amen.

Ima Patriot
Ima Patriot

I don't know if it makes the world a better place.  It seems to make the anti - immigrant lobby nuttier than they ever were.

There is one thing about it: the anti - immigrant lobby has NEVER offered up a representative to represent them in an open debate on a level playing field regarding their misguided beliefs.

Dave Rhodes
Dave Rhodes

There is no Hell, but I'd happily set him and ANYONE like him on fire.

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