The People Trying To Ruin The Internet: Lamar Smith

Heard of CISPA?

On April 26, the U.S. House of Representatives voted 248-168 in favor of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, which encourages companies such as Facebook to freely share your info with cops if you seem like a "cyber threat" and basically grants them legal immunity if they do so. President Barack Obama has promised to veto the measure, saying it doesn't do enough to protect the nation's critical systems from cyber attacks, and "would erode consumer privacy rights." It's unclear whether the prospective legislation will ultimately become law. It is clear, however, that the CISPA saga sounds super familiar. (SOPA/PIPA shitshow, anyone?)

We have been regularly following internet policy developments, and figured it would be a good idea to identify the people who keep pushing for these kinds of proposals. Hence our new, occasional feature "The People Trying To Ruin The Internet."

Today, we're kicking off the series with our old pal, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas.)

Smith, as you might recall, pretty much started this year's web censorship controversies: He sponsored the Stop Internet Piracy Act.

Critics immediately called the measure out as poorly written and a threat to free speech, since SOPA could have made websites liable simply for featuring links to other websites containing copyrighted media.

The internet effectively shut down in protest, and both chambers of Congress reacted to the blackout by abandoning the proposed legislation.

On that same day, Smith was outed as a copyright violator for reportedly using unlicensed photos on his website.

The congressman's office didn't want to speak about SOPA or respond to claims that Smith threatens a free internet. Instead, his flack pointed the Voice to a press release published in January, where Smith reiterated the dangers of "rogue websites."

Conservations about Smith's involvement with the bill, however, have not come to an end. As Politico reports, SOPA might screw up Smith's re-election bid. Indeed, a cohort of Texas tech concerns has recently formed a political action committee to thwart him.

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Goodbye Mr. Smith
Goodbye Mr. Smith

Please hold the politicians making this legislation accountable.  The group TestPAC is working to get Lamar Smith, SOPA architecht, out of office in the Texas Primaries, which are only 8 days away.  Anything you can do to help - spreading the word online, sharing the news in Texas' 21, and of course, donations - is appreciated.  Learn more about the group & ways you can unseat lamar at


The Internet is merely the new face of right-wing Protestantism. Naturally, they are trying to use it to control and gather information about people remotely.


Free Speech is a lie. One of the original protests against the bill of rights was that it gave rights that were not in question. The original founding of the USA against England was freedom of speech, therefore what reason need it be an "amendment"? These so called rights were seen by some of founding fathers as being MagnaCarta-esque, rights bestowed by a King to barons.


The internet is flawed anyway. It is the new "car". It allows people to be elsewhere in a remote location and still run a business.  It's very "American" and conservative to begin with, it came from the US military.The hallmark of American conservatism is car and home ownership, because they allow you to be remote and isolationist. If you expect liberalism and contrary-to-conservative reality, then throw away your car and home, shut off the internet, and get out a book to read.

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