Middle-Aged Women Are Annoying, Says The Internet

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Apparently joining the choir of complaints against middle-aged women today was the New York Times, which details increasing acne rates in adult women, especially those in middle age.

The only silver lining, it seems, is that they are "too old to care."

Here are some other things the Internet immediately tells us about middle-aged women when we Google around. None of them are very positive.

They might be offended by the term "cougar."

They also might be cougars.

They might have eating disorders.

They might be saddled with unwanted weight.

They might be stressed.

They might be suicidal.

They might die suddenly from heart-attacks.

But that's only if they don't die alone first.

Adding insult to injury, they might also have hairy upper lips!

But hey, they might be kinda hot, right?

To be fair, the Internet is a bit of a dick toward middle-aged men, too (though seemingly a whole lot less).

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How delightfully, devilishly, delectably droll, Vic!


too bad about the 'labels'....eventually every woman will become the very thing they now ridicule and abhor...what they need to learn is to embrace the knowledge that comes with age....either that or they should do society a favor and commit suicide, it'll save a lot of unnecessary whining...


women of any age are fairly annoying. 


men of all ages are particularly annoying......with one exception :)

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