Mike Bloomberg On Big Gulp Ban: He's Not Taking Away Your Rights, Just "Forcing You To Understand" The Dangers Of Soda

Mike Bloomberg says his Big Gulp ban doesn't take away the rights of anyone -- which is bullshit.
Mayor Mike Bloomberg this afternoon appeared on MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Reports to defend his proposed ban on sugary beverages sold in containers larger than 16 ounces. During his appearance, the mayor made a pretty interesting/false claim.

"We're not taking away anybody's right to do things," the mayor told Mitchell of his proposed ban.

No need to adjust your eyes, you read that correctly; Bloomberg says he's not taking away anyone's right to do anything -- while proposing a measure that would take away an adult's right to drink a beverage in any size glass they want.

The mayor went on to cite studies that he claims show that if a food or beverage container is always full, "you tend to eat all the food in the container in front of you. If it's a bigger container, you will eat more. If somebody put a smaller glass or plate, or bowl in front of you, you would eat less."

The mayor says people will still be able to drink 32 ounces of a soda, but they'd have to drink it out of two separate glasses.

"If you want to order two cups at the same time, that's fine -- it's your choice. We're not taking away anybody's right to do things, we're simply forcing you to understand that you have to make the conscious decision to go from one cup to another cup," the mayor (um) explains.

Bloomberg says the government has an "obligation to warn you" if something could be dangerous. However, as the mayor says, his proposed ban isn't "warning" anyone about anything, just "forcing" (his words, not ours) people to drink out of smaller glasses.

See the full interview below -- but be advised: the mayor's (ahem) logic might make your brain explode.

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You bunch of fatty-fat Americans. Somebody needs to regulate the amount of crap you put in your body, because you yourselves have obviously proven incapable of doing so. And then your obese wobbly bodies can't fit in an airplane seat and us,the thin people need to suffer. Stop drinking soda, it doesn't even hydrate you! Go Bloomberg. 


I wonder if this will be Mayor Bloomberg's "ferret" moment? (I may live in flyover country, but I still remember the meltdown your previous mayor had about allowing ferrets in NYC. Classic.)


I WILL NEVER GO TO NEW YORK again if I can't get what I want and the SIZE of drink I want. Do you think SHAQ or any of the other larger than normal people ( me included ) drink only 16 ounce drinks... I carry around a 32 ounce cup of ice tea all the time here in HOT sunny South Florida.. ( NO SUGAR ). But occasionaly I enjoy a soda.. A 16 ounce cup is like giving a person dying of thurst a shot of water . WHAT HAPPENED TO FREEDOM AND EQUALITY for all. MAYBE YOU SHOULD HAVE TO HAVE A SCALE AN TAPE MEASURE AT EVERY SALES point for these drinks so only healthy people can buy them and you only get a PROPOTIONAL SIZE drink to your body type and size.. A 4 ft tall person less than 100 pounds DOES NOT NEED AS MUCH fluids as a 6"5" 250 lb physically fit person who works outside. AS I  DO.. I guess when I HAVE TO visit NEW YORK it will leave a DRY TASTE IN MY MOUTH!!! DRYING THAN NORMAL!!!!

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