MTA Bus Driver Says Boss Licked Her Face

If this is true, this has to go down as one of the worst workplace intrusions we've ever heard.

Yesterday, Nancy Jenkins, a 42-year-old bus driver in the Bronx, said to reporters at The Daily News that she was subject to a tongue lick that spanned her entire face: "He stuck out his tongue and licked me from under my chin all the way up to my eyebrow," Jenkins said, "It was just so nasty." Yuck.

The disgusting event happened after Jenkins visited her boss the morning of to receive her assignment at the Kingsbridge Depot. Apparently, the woman was upset at something the supervisor had said to her and, for consolation, he committed the act.

What's even worse is that the day after the event, which occurred on April 9th, the bus driver returned to work after filing a sexual harassment complaint with the MTA and the supervisor remained in the same position.
Thankfully, the MTA is now taking the complaint and spokesperson Charles Seaton has said that an investigation is underway. As of now, the supervisor has been moved to a different spot and his identity has not yet been released. 

But, the President of the Transport Workers Union Local 100, John Samuelson, thinks that all of this is counter-productive. After mentioning that the MTA has a history of "disparate treatment," he argued that, "if a bus driver licked a supervisor on the face, that driver would have been suspended immediately and then arrested and dragged off the property in handcuffs."

That point has been proven partly true for Jenkins. The bus driver has been on leave since the incident because, after the event happened, she said that everyone joked at her and no one took her seriously, which gave her more than enough reason to come to the media for justice.

And, with a story and headline like that, it's ensured that everyone will be listening now. Runnin' Scared will be on the lookout for more details as the investigation into this creeper proceeds.


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Christopher Neal
Christopher Neal

How does a face lick qualify as sexual harassment?

It's not like he grabbed her ass or squeezed her breasts. Could have been completely non-sexual, really. I'll bet he gets outta this one.


Soooo, in what other situations do you normally lick someone, other than flirting or sex?  You ever lick a person who wasn't female?  Didn't think so.  (I'm just assuming you are straight since your concept of what is "sexual" is so poorly thought out.)

And of course, it's definitely harrassment, which is the point.  You don't get to lick your employees.


 How is it sexual? It included bloody fluids for fuck's sake!


 It's the communist conspiracy to sap and impurify our precious bodily fluids!

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