Scientology: Kiwi Reporter Puts Lisa Marie Presley On the Spot; Playboy Blows Tom Cruise

On Sunday, we broke the news that the lyrics to Lisa Marie Presley's song "So Long" -- from her new album Storm and Grace -- contained an even more obvious message that she was leaving Scientology than the one we perceived in the single she released in advance of the album a month ago, "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet." (Above is Lisa Marie's video for the single, and our thanks to Skip Press for making us aware of it.)

All week, Lisa Marie has been on a publicity blitz for the album, and we've been waiting patiently for a reporter to ask her about these lyrics, which seem to quite plainly reveal that she's breaking away after her long association with the church.

Now, one has. And he happens to be on the other side of the planet.

We got a message yesterday from Russell Baillie, entertainment editor of the New Zealand Herald, in Auckland.

Russell told us that he'd seen our articles, so when he had the opportunity to interview Presley this week, he asked her outright the question we've wanted to ask ourselves.

Here's the exchange he sent us, which this morning he published at the Herald's website:

So is it [about Scientology]?

"Right,'' she replies, gathering her thoughts. "Well sadly I am not discussing any kind of religion or politics while I am doing the promo.''

Well, I am asking about the specific song on the record you are promoting ...

"I understand. But I don't typically discuss what I, personally, am writing about in my songs. I don't discuss what I write about and I don't discuss religion or politics. So there you have me backed in a corner ...''

That, my friends, is what we in the business call a "non-denial denial."

I told Russell that it didn't surprise me that Lisa Marie would avoid answering. She has an album to sell, and her label probably doesn't want its launch to get caught up in questions about her former religion.

But my hat's off to Russell Baillie for doing what no American entertainment reporter has had the gumption to do, and ask her outright about what seems so obvious from her lyrics.

Back in this country, it's still business as usual, with the press fawning over Scientology's celebrities and rarely asking them tough questions about all the messes the church finds itself in these days.

Timed this week to help promote his new film, Rock of Ages, Tom Cruise got a lengthy stroking by Playboy in its vaunted interview, which used to be known for asking probing, difficult questions.

Overall, writer Michael Fleming does a fine job getting Cruise to open up about his childhood, about his drive to make movies, and about his dedication to his kids. But when it came to Scientology, Fleming and Cruise are getting way too much credit for supposedly taking on a difficult subject.

Fleming asks Cruise about his PR disasters of 2005, when Cruise went on a tear about Scientology and ended up in an embarrassing argument with Matt Lauer, and jumping for joy on Oprah's couch. Cruise handles the subject easily...

When I go back and look at it, I find myself thinking, I don't feel that way. I get how it came across, but I don't feel that way, and I never have. Telling people how to live their lives? I saw how that came across and how pieces were edited...What's interesting is, if I don't talk about my religion, if I say I'm not discussing it or different humanitarian things I'm working on, they're like, "He's avoiding it." If I do talk about it, it becomes, "Oh, he's proselytizing." Reviewing the whole thing and how things can be edited and misinterpreted, I decided, You know what? Here's the deal. I take responsibility for what happened, but everyone now knows that if I am dealing with humanitarian things, I will talk about that. When I'm promoting a film, I'm not going to get caught up in anything else, and that includes all my personal things.

And that's it. It's a skillful non-answer that addresses nothing.

But we wondered, is that all Fleming asked? The 2005 incidents, after all, paled besides what really embarrassed Cruise (and helped launch the Anonymous movement), the January 2008 release of a 9-minute, church-made video interview of Cruise that was recorded four years earlier.

How do you interview Cruise about Scientology and not ask him about his infamous statement that only Scientologists can help at the scene of a car accident? Not to mention all of the things that have happened since then, including the church's lawsuit against Debbie Cook (who Cruise knew well), the 2010 FBI investigation into the church's abuses, and the exodus of top church executives in recent years -- including the man, Marty Rathbun, who was Cruise's personal auditor, Scientology's version of a priest who heard Cruise's confession. (So many damaging revelations about Scientology have come out recently, we wrote an open letter to Tom Cruise telling him it was about time he said something publicly about them. Note that we were not asking about his personal life or the beliefs of Scientologists, but about the practices of his church, which include convincing children as young as 8 years old to sign billion-year contracts to serve the organization blindly.)

I wanted to give Fleming the benefit of the doubt, assuming that he might have asked about this stuff and more but Cruise either wouldn't answer them, or Playboy's editors had cut material. So I sent him an e-mail asking if that was the case. I didn't hear back from Fleming.

While American news organizations shy away from allegations of abuse in the Church of Scientology, they can't seem to get enough about whether John Travolta gave someone a hand job.

And last night, we learned just how eager the National Enquirer is to dig up dirt on the private life of Tom Cruise.

Marty Rathbun, at his blog, made public an e-mail exchange he had with the Enquirer, which is so interested in getting Rathbun to spill what Cruise told him during confidential auditing sessions, it's willing to pay him "at least" $20,000, promise him a cover story, and help promote his forthcoming book.

In the past, Rathbun has made it clear to me that he takes very seriously his role as an auditor who is told things in confidence. And he said as much to the Enquirer: "Thanks, but no thanks," he answered.

Rathbun was once the second-highest ranking official in Scientology before he left in 2004. In 2009 he started his blog, which is highly critical of current church leader David Miscavige -- the best man at Tom Cruise's wedding to Katie Holmes. Rathbun's blog has become a rallying point for disaffected longtime members who have left the official church but still adhere to the ideas of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard and call themselves "independent Scientologists."

Rathbun addressed his post last night to Cruise directly, writing: "you have nothing to fear from me or the independent Scientologist community," he wrote.

Could Rathbun tempt Cruise out of Miscavige's grip? It seems a long shot. But on the other hand, Lisa Marie Presley is writing songs that seem obvious announcements of her defection, and Jason Beghe told us Sunday that he believes Kirstie Alley has "one foot out" herself. Travolta, meanwhile, no longer has a reputation to worry about in case he, too, wishes to leave.

The years 2004 to 2007 saw a mass exodus of top Scientology executives. Could 2012 be the year that the celebrities start jumping ship too?


Scientology on the High Seas

In November the Voice obtained hundreds of copies of L. Ron Hubbard's previously unpublished "Orders of the Day," which he gave to crew members as he sailed the Atlantic and the Mediterranean on the yacht Apollo. Our documents cover the period from late 1968 through 1971, and this time we're looking at what was happening the week of May 13 through 19 during those years.

This week, the Commodore loves the sound of a cool million...


May 18: LRH gets pretty manic as he jumps from cooking to Smersh to movie stars...


The director of the paper that printed all the mystery news and aerial photos was once the Portuguese Ambassador to London!

CS-1 got a lawyer and tackled them and there will be a retraction printed.

The port authorities were also informed by us very secretly that this company was negotiating with the Cuban government in Exile to train men and charter ship to them and we were upset about being aerial photographed in Lisbon Harbor and to inform their counter intelligence. It's all very secret so don't spread it around. Its only in a negotiation stage..

I wonder if you know that President Kennedy promised Krushchev to defend Communist Cuba from attack by other countries in the Western Hemisphere -- including the U.S. in return for removing some missiles out of sight. CS-G has the tex of Kennedy's letter. He also clobbered our E-Meters.

The new president apparently isn't wholly honoring the agreement.


Thank you for your Daily Report. The crew is getting a lot accomplished and getting some sleep and food too!

I didn't slur the cook's cooking as he thought.

Food, time to eat it, was my theme. The crew must have time to eat in a relaxed no-orders at meals atmosphere.

It would be very prudent to complete items rapidly now as it's just five days until we sail.

Hey the President of an African nation gave warm permission to one of his subjects to import Scientology.

MDs in the UK are floundering around trying to use DMSMH hopefully. Our Diane[t]ics Course and its simplicity is just in time.

We evidently put an end to a century wide strike in Australia by giving the govt minister a copy of the 3rd Party Law!

And 6 Smersh top men are out of the running since we went to war decredited or dead or suddenly retired for health reasons.

Our Clear 2000 was a movie star!



May 15: Mo' money, mo' money, mo' money...




May 17: The Commodore believes in justice, not black propaganda, yo.


Word here is that Wrigley reported in to EULO as requested that the matter is being handled there properly.

The findings of a Comm Ev convened to establish what went with Barney are awaited.

In matters of justice we do have the responsibility of seeing that fair play exists and that "justice" is not used as oppression.

Along with this comes the responsibility of not operating on isolated reports. Almost all injustice stems from operating on unsubstantiated reports. Honest stats are far more reliable. Injustice and false reports go hand in hand. Taking action on any single report is a very risky thing for any executive to do.

It almost always results in an injustice.

The activity called "Black Propaganda" consists of spreading lies by hidden sources. It inevitably results in injustices being done by those who operate without verifying the truth.

For instance all the attacks on Scientology were Black Propaganda from hidden Fascist sources. This has caused injustice. Black Propaganda was a Nazi specialty.

But injustice recoils on those who deal in it.

Thus a hidden lying source can cause authority to act. Thus authority can be undermined by being made to commit injustices.

There is also another side to this. When those in charge are directly attacked they have to resort to defense in order to control the situation. That they so act to defend can itself be used to undermine. Once more it is vital for executives and organizations to act only on information that is fully verified. And when they do act it should be with due attention to the full formalities of justice.

To make the problem worse, the omission of enforcing truth and justice can damage many and can be itself a severe overt.

If the world were honest, justice and the need for it would vanish.

The road out is the Road to Truth.


May 19: Hubbard reveals the Valuable Final Product!


Those not directly on pc and student completion lines should get some idea of what Flag is really producing.

The best way to get it is to look at the stats FEBCs are pushing up over the world. They are using the Tech of Admin developed by myself over the years and particularly here on Flag in 1970 and early 1971.

Those who keep the ship here, get them here, handle and train in this tech and process them and send them off directly contribute to these soaring stats over the world.

The technical material I developed from '68 to '71 on Flag is published here, trained on here and applied here. We have the best auditors in the world. They are very few.

While the Flag Ship Org keeps a ship here, keeps ports here and services those aboard, so that these activities can take place.

The Flag Bureaux pushes the Administrative planning and programming which forms up the Continential Liaison Offices which hold the orgs there for FEBCs to return to.

Everyone on Flag contributes to these successes, no matter what his post is.

We are all operating directly on the VFP of a Cleared Planet.

Sometimes this may not be as visible as it might be to someone with his head down into some routine job.

But you can measure the success of what you're doing. Look at the sky-rocketing rise of stats over the world. That's my stat and Yours.

It is in Power.


This one's a real treat -- photo by L. Ron Hubbard! [Click to embiggen!]
Bonus 1970s Awesomeness

While L. Ron Hubbard was moving HQ from the yacht Apollo to the Florida coast, Advance! magazine was thrilling Scientologists with its tales of "OT Phenomena." Those church members who had reached the higher levels of spiritual training shared their stories of superhuman powers with fellow dupes -- er, enthusiasts. This excerpt is from Issue 33, July 1975.

Last week I saw that my goldfish was all red and lumpy. My husband, Rick, said that he's had goldfish like that before and that they don't recover, they just die.

I got very sad. He had been with our family for a year now. So, that night, I decided to do something. I used my knowledge of flows from 8-80 and my abilities as an OT and flowed some energy toward my fish's wounds. I did this until something seemed better. I then went to sleep.

The next day Rick said he noticed the fish was less red and lumpy! I was very pleased and that night from my office at work I continued the assist. I continued to flow energy, changing the flows as needed until a big burst of mass blew. I ended off. When I went home that night the fish was completely healed!

It was a big win for me, and the fish. It couldn't have been done without the technology of L. Ron Hubbard. -- Minty Alexander, OT

I was at a friend's place today and was told two of their cats were in a fight. One of them had an eye that was injured and partially closed.

Well, I audited the cat. In about two minutes his eye was operating near normal and he was able to see through it.

This was the first time I've done this but it seems quite normal. -- Joseph Forster, OT

Wait a minute, how did the cat hold the cans? And if OTs can cure animals with only some mental juju, why aren't they opening vet shops and making out like bandits?

Ah, more mysteries upon mysteries. But we know this for sure: you'll get schedules and updates at our Facebook author page, so check it often! See you Sunday with another round of Funnies.

UPDATE: That Advance! cover is freaking some people out. And for good reason. What is being portrayed in it? Well, here's the note that the Editor has inside the issue...

"To the Reader: This month marks the beginning of a fabulous new series of Advance! covers personally photographed by L. Ron Hubbard.

Ron is well known internationally as a top photographer, not only by Scientologists, but widely in public and professional circles as well.

He bring to each subject his characteristic technical mastery based upon years of exact study and experience. Add to that his truthfulness, knowledge and understanding, and here we have a brilliant series of authentic works such as have never been seen before.

Unquestionably, these covers represent a very important new extension in the field of still photography subject control and aesthetics. Advance! is honored and enriched by them.

Thus it is, indeed, a rare privilege to present them to you, one by one, over the next many issues -- THE EDITOR"

Well, that didn't really clear things up, did it!

Tony Ortega has been the editor in chief of the Village Voice since March, 2007. He started writing about Scientology in 1995. You can reach him by e-mail at, and if you ask nicely he'll put you on his mailing list for notifications of new stories. You can also catch his alerts at Twitter (@VoiceTonyO), at his Facebook author page, on Pinterest, a Tumblr, and even this new Google Plus doohickey.

New readers might want to check out our primer, "What is Scientology?" Another good overview is our series from last summer, "Top 25 People Crippling Scientology." At the top of every story, you'll see the "Scientology" category which, if you click on it, will bring up all of our most recent stories.

As for hot subjects we've covered here, you may have heard about Debbie Cook, the former church official who rebelled and was sued by Scientology. You might have also heard about the Super Power Building, Scientology's "Mecca," whose secrets were revealed here. We also reported how Scientology spied on its own most precious object, Tom Cruise. (We wrote Tom an open letter that he has yet to respond to.) Have you seen a Scientology ad on TV lately? We debunked some of the claims in that 2-minute commercial you might have seen while watching Glee or American Idol.

Other stories have looked at Scientology's policy of "disconnection" that is tearing families apart. You may also have heard something about the Sea Org experiences of the Paris sisters, Valeska and Melissa, and their friend Ramana Dienes-Browning. We've also featured Paulette Cooper, who wrote about Scientology back in the day, and Janet Reitman, Hugh Urban, and the team at the Tampa Bay Times, who write about it today. And there's plenty more coming.

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Link to video says (video removed by user)


Mr. Ortago,   have you recently checked Lisa Marie's website?  She is still promoting CCHR (Citizen Commission of Human Rights) which is a front group for the church of scientology on her site.  Here is the link:

Too Much
Too Much 1 Like

"Well, that didn't really clear things up, did it!"

Sure it does! This is Hubbard photographing one of his endless dope-snorting and heroin shooting parties, just before the fucking insane crook passed out.

Too Much
Too Much

LOL! "Cock of Ages." Amusing.

Too Much
Too Much

"And he happens to be on the other side of the planet."

That would be teegeeack. :)

Too Much
Too Much

".. our thanks to Skip Press for making us aware of it."

Skippy is a right wing Republican domestic loon but yes, he has his occasional good points. :)

Too Much
Too Much 1 Like

"Playboy Blows Tom Cruise"

Ha! He wishes!

Chuck Beatty
Chuck Beatty

CS-G was Fred Hare, findable on Facebook, he's alive, and I wish some reporter would get Fred to open up before Fred croaks!   Even though Fred's a long term true blue Scientologist, late 1950s vintage who got in Scientology at Paris back then, still Fred is alive, and has seen decades of history.

I so wish Commodore's Staff Aide for the Guardian's Office (CS-G) would speak somehow for the history books!

I forget how Fred exited the top ranks.   I think he left the Sea Org sometime around 1977 when all the Guardian's Office shit hit the fan, but I'm not sure.

The Commodore's Staff Aides were supposed to be the top aides to Hubbard, they were above the old international management echelon, there used to be a phrase "Aides/FB" standing for the Commodore's Staff Aides and the Flag Bureaux (the FB was the top execution management part of Scientology up until LRH had top management reformed into the Watchdog Committe and Int Exec Strata which today are the top two councils, with WDC being over Exec Strata, but Exec Strata is supposed to be the "think tank").   Exec Strata today is sort of the strategic level thinkers comparable to the old Commodore's Staff Aides, but Exec Strata has been undermined by LRH putting WDC above them, and putting RTC above WDC, so Exec Strata has been nitpicked and micromanaged to death.

Top management of Scientology needs a Mission to sort themselves out, and get each doing what Hubbard wanted them to (which will be problematic itself since they will have to sanely decide which of his policies to NOT execute).

In earlier periods of Scientology top management history, at least on paper, they sorted things out by what LRH wrote.   I imagine someday, if they accumulate enough top ranks people, they'll return to following what he wrote, and go through the process of dodging around the nutty  and bad things Hubbard wrote consciously.   

It would be interesting in all cases, depending on how good Fred Hare's memory is, to hear what he lived through!   


What you need in the US is a tabloid press that gets to the core of the matter. The Sun in the UK has a most excellent article this Sunday (no, really!).

http://www.thesun DOT co DOT uk/sol/homepage/features/4327371/Scientology-cult-ordered-me-to-have-abortion-Brit-mum.html

(that's TWO dots that have to be replaced)

Yay, The Sun!


NOTE TO Tony Ortego,You had written a post recently saying that Lisa Marie Presley has removed the CCHR link from her website.  Today I checked her site and not only she still has the link to CCHR but she also has elaborated even more on CCHR and has their logo on her site.  Her recent songs clearly shows that she has left the church but her site is promoting the church of scientology's front group CCHR. Very confusing!!!!! :(

Noah Miller
Noah Miller 1 Like

Yeah that was covered in the article, during the day the links and descriptions appeared and disappeared a few times. 

DodoTheLaser 1 Like

Sorry, if I missed the memo - is Lisa Marie Presley scheduled to be onDavid Letterman show anytime soon? That would be fun to watch. Add Craig Ferguson to that.

Niacin OD
Niacin OD

Did Robin Gibbs wake up out of his coma singing Staying Alive?  Oops, sorry, wrong blog.

mad_world 1 Like

I really love this song by Lisa-Marie.

The video speaks volumes, love the chain she throws in the lake. Speaks volumes. 

Lisa Marie Fan!
Lisa Marie Fan! 1 Like

You're right Tony. She did not deny it. She could have easily said, "my songs have nothing to so with Scientology." But she didn't. She gave the "proper" I prefer to talk about my album response... which she may been coached into by the label.

If she just came out and said she no longer supports the church, she would generate a lot more publicity for her album.

justsomeguyouthere 1 Like

My friends, you have completely missed the meaning of the Advance! cover. Here we have a brilliant re-staging of one of the great moments in the history of humankind. In the great ancient city of Thet-tan lived the renown philosopher, inventor and songwriter El-Roni. Because of his presence, the city was often called "The Hub of the Bard". The three standing men have just been released from their "cells of contemplation" known as "holis". They were placed in holis because they dared to read certain holy scripture before paying proper tribute to El-Roni. The spiritual torture that they brought on themselves was to have been struck by terrible colds. We are witnessing the moment when El-Roni has ordered them to exorcise their demons by projectile snot technology. The ensuing bath that El-Roni received led him to one of his greatest inventions. Yes my friends, what is depicted here is the origin story of the Oiliness Table!


A chillingly realistic depiction of Thetan Dictation™. Could that scribe on the right be Slappy himself?

Scient-Curious 1 Like

NOW at your favorite Ideal Org, you too can inch yourself up the Bridge with our authentic Commodore Crafted (TM) papier-mâché coffee pots - only $3000 per set (no refunds or exchanges).  Act now and we'll include your genuine Dishtowel Headwrap (by Shamwow) for only an additional $1000, taxes and shipping not included.

Move up in Status today!

Noah Miller
Noah Miller 1 Like

The guy in the middle, standing and in orange, is totally wearing a paper bag on his head.

DodoTheLaser 1 Like

Ron The Photographer really sucked as one. The old Volunteer Ministers book is your dox.

I think there is one or two pics he took that Ithought were actually pretty good, even when I was in.


And those sure look like wings behind him. Technicolor angel? Butterfly Thetan?


Sounds to me anything she would have said was going to be treated as confirmation of what you wanted to say!

DodoTheLaser 1 Like

Yeah, ok. Stay tuned.

Noah Miller
Noah Miller 1 Like

Also considering in the video she's leaving a church that's on fire with baggage she throws into a lake-- If she isn't leaving the church she's certainly doing everything you would do if you were. 

Noah Miller
Noah Miller 1 Like

Actually "No these lyrics are not about scientology, I am still a practicing member and believer." would have been sufficient to dismiss any rumors. 

While she's being coy, and there is totally the possibility that everyone is reading into this, it seems unlikely, given the demand Scientology puts on its members, especially it's celebrity members, to profess the good things they've gotten from their connection to the church.

LMP has spoken out against people attacking her religion in the past and has never been too coy about her connections to the church. Now she has an album out that has, at least in part, some phrases about herself that a Scientologist would never say, especially the lines where she calls herself suppressive, and when asked point blank about her religion she avoids the subject completely.

Does this sound like a practicing member of the church to you?

Contrast that with the Cruise interview. He was asked some pretty standard softball questions and readily talked about the church and how it helps him. Question answered the interviewer moves on to other subjects. It could have been that simple for LMP to do the same, she chose not to.

So do we have a definitive answer? Nope.

But as your post implies, most of use are not simply hearing what we want to hear. We're just drawing conclusions from the evidence before us.

Also, welcome back MrEd, I hope you respond to one of us one of these days and open up the knowledge from that vaunted Scientology communication course you payed so much for. :) Seriously though, I do hope you open up a dialogue someday.

Artoo45 1 Like

Well put. I have to add that zero mention of LRH or thanks to any Scilons in her liner notes speak loudly of her distance from the cult as well.


I logged in to say exaclty the same thing, you beat me to it by two hours. The fact that she did not defend or admit she was still in says it all.

DodoTheLaser 1 Like

Lisa Marie Presley is her own person now. Perhaps she is her own philosopher too.


Tom Cruise said in his response to Michael Fleming:"I take responsibility for what happened, but everyone now knows that if I am dealing with humanitarian things, I will talk about that. "I wonder why Mr. Fleming didn't bother, as a journalist, at that point ask Tom Cruise all the humanitarian questions, ie: staff being beaten up and imprisoned, family disconnections, human trafficking and so on that the church of Scientology under David Miscavige is doing?      If a true journalist keeps asking these type of questions from Tom Cruise (who has his share of abusing his own staff and beating his own staff), I guarantee you that Tom Cruise will lose his coolness and then millions can see the REAL Tom Cruise ( the abusive, angry, self-centered and egoistic Tom that public in general don't see).  


Maybe he's not allowed to ask real questions because of Tom's publicist giving him a list of questions he's not allowed to ask? It's pretty common in celeb interviews.


any "reporter" who interviews the Tomster in the future needs to grow some freakin balls. All of these soft touch interviews make me a little nauseous. It appears the more famous a reporter gets the less hard-hitting reporting gets done. Schockandawd has it right. When is someone going to ask questions that we actually want to hear the answers to ? The "I AM JUST A SUPER, TERRIFIC, AWESOME PERSON!! LOOK AT ME!!!! LOOK AT ME!!!!!! "  Crap that is spewing out of Toms face hole needs to stop. We should start a petition that just says FUCK YOU TOM CRUISE at the top. 

sizzle8 1 Like

The question to LMP should have been phrased along the lines of, " Now that you've left Scientology, has your relationship with your mother changed?


What's going on with American media?  No guts to get into the real matter...just about the money??  


I am surprised there wasn't a story about Elron healing the beggars blindness. 

Schockenawd 1 Like

I'm so glad Tom Cruise only used the word "humanitarian" in connection with himself twice in that Playboy piece, because if I saw it a third time, I would probably have had to jump off a bridge.  How many other humanitarians are there who benefit from the use of slaves from their religion to make them the most super-special, spiffy SUV on the planet?  Or who attend lavish birthday parties for themselves on cruise ships while some of their fellow religious adherents are imprisoned -- for years -- just a few decks below?  Fuck you, Tom Cruise.

Too Much
Too Much 1 Like

Before you jump off that bridge, please make sure that it's the Bridge To Total Freedom.

Noah Miller
Noah Miller 1 Like

But he's a double gold emeritus ultra lux platinum true standard super gold humanitarian. Scientology tells him so. 

jensting 1 Like

 .. plus, as he's a homo novis, you'd think that plain old humans would have a little more appreciation of how far he's bending down when he's reaching out to us. Sheesh!

wannabeclear 1 Like

How many humanitarians actually refer to themselves as humanitarians do you think?  Humility would be nice.


Tom Cruise should have to answer for being such a high profile spokesman for a despotic organization, but without someone to hold his feet to the fire, it is unlikely he will volunteer!  I suppose they are dissuaded by the desire to be chummy with their subjects and a fear of reprisal.  Based on the character of our modern press, I would say the former plays just as big a part as the latter. 

When you first got into this game, did the church try to intimidate you, Tony?

TonyOrtega 1 Like

Moxon made goo-goo eyes at me when I was still pretty early in the game. Scarred me for life.

Too Much
Too Much

He wanted your sweet ass, Tony. Seriously he did.


Tony, I know you might disagree, but this post of yours is the post of the week.


No AvaGrams? I guess those were reserved for copyright squirrels.


Oh Tony PLEASE do tell !!!  Was it,... I think you're HOT goo-goo eyes ? or more like, Continue to FUCK WITH MY CLIENT "das church" I'LL DESTROY YOU !!  goo-goo eyes ???

please Tony, I know it sounds minimal, but I must finish my mental picture of the Devil (Moxon) and I don't want to disappoint anyone when I finally unveil the portrait !!!Thanks boss, look forward to your explanation !!!!


Tell us more! Tell us more! Did he send nasty e-mails? Was he waiting for you outside the underground bunker's super sekrit exit? Dox if you've got 'em!


Er... Toms interview with Matt Lauer was filmed LIVE on the Today Show.  Edited my ass...

Marcabian 1 Like

Of course, every interview TC does these days is going to be carefully managed. I wouldn't be surprised if his handlers told Playboy beforehand that certain subjects were off-limits and that while they may be able to raise the subject of Scientology, he wouldn't entertain in-depth follow-up questions.

Interesting that LMP has answered other interviewer's questions about her lyrics but would duck and dodge this one. If she was still "in," she would have simply denied that the song had anything to do with the Church. She's having it both ways, and why not? Make the statement and avoid any consequences. WE know what she's talking about and she knows we know.


"I was very pleased and that night from my office at work I continued the assist. I continued to flow energy, changing the flows as needed until a big burst of mass blew. I ended off."

Is this a transcript from one of the Travolta/masseur lawsuits?


Tony, we can only hope that if the Mayans are correct (and I don't mean that "end-of-the-world" crap) that there will be a closing chapter and a new beginning for the world. Perhaps, we will see the first mass exodus of celebrities like Cruise, Kirstie, and Travolta leaving the cult in a public fashion. The ripple effect this would create would be a 'supernova' compared to the effect Debbie Cook's New Year e-mail 'solar flare' created. This of course is all wishful thinking on my part.

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