Serial Dart-Sniper Raising Hell In Brooklyn

Categories: Crime
Police say someone in Brooklyn is attacking people with something similar to the "Terminator .50 Caliber" blow dart gun pictured above.
Here's a new one...

Authorities say someone in Brooklyn is attacking people...with darts.

Three men were hit with darts yesterday in Bath Beach and authorities are now asking the public's help in tracking down the person responsible.

All three attacks happened in the area of Bay 32 Street and Bay 36th Street last night. Two of the victims are men in their 60s, one of whom was hit in the back and leg. The other took a dart in the stomach. The third victim is in his 40s, but it's unclear where he was hit with the dart.

Police suspect the darts were shot through a blow-gun -- a thin tube that a person blows through to propel a dart.

Each of the victims were taken to Coney Island for treatment.

Anyone with information about the serial dart-sniper is asked to call police.

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