To Lower Murder Rate, NYPD Will Just Stop-and-Frisk Everyone

Not sure how the NYPD connected these two.

Yesterday, a spokesperson for the boys of blue heralded the city's low murder rate - a number that has dipped 21 percent in recent months - as a sign of victory for their controversial stop-and-frisk policy.The procedure, attacked by City Council and the New York Civil Liberties Union alike for racial profiling, has reached an alarming rate of use: in the first three months of this year, 200,000 New Yorkers were touched up and down by the NYPD; a 10 percent increase from the same time last year.

Although the low murder rate is something to praise, we here at Runnin' Scared are curious to how much stop-and-frisk actually contributed to those numbers. Regardless, it's evident in the NYPD statement that the authorities have a different mentality: to protect and frisk... everyone.

Thanks to the work of fellow Voice writer Graham Rayman, we know that the stop-and-frisk policy came to fruition because of two reasons: the stress of filling a monthly quota and a top-down attitude from the head honcho, Mr. Ray Kelly, that encourages officers to use it. So its ascendancy is no mystery; if your boss is all for it, you're all for it. This trickle-down mentality will naturally spread, translating into its application on anyone who has a shred of shadiness in the eyes of the police.

For example, a study by the NYCLU released just four days ago shows this law and order semi-paranoia in full effect: in 2011, the NYPD stop-and-frisked so many young African-American men that they actually exceeded the number of that demographic in New York. In other words, either the cops stop-and-frisked every young black man in the City twice or we are seeing signs of an authoritative obsession.

Another tidbit of crime data that came from the NYPD's statement points to another fact that helps "justify" stop-and-frisk: the past three months have seen a 31 percent increase in the amount of confiscated firearms. The agency usually takes away around 6,000 weapons a year from deemed-suspicious characters but the connection made here to stop-and-frisk evokes something even deeper.

If the NYPD has a belief that stop-and-frisks should be used and even extended, it is no surprise that the murder rate will plummet or the confiscated firearms bans will skyrocket. If everyone is a target, nobody will get away with anything. Of course, this is an ideal world, where crime is stopped before it even happens, like a bad version of Minority Report. Except it's an approach to law and enforcement that puts ordinary citizens and criminals in the same boat. And, if this statement tells us anything, it's that this boat has never been bigger.


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Waste of police resources to stop and frisk everybody; focus on black males sporting urban style fashion, they commit 90% of the murders in NYC, it's for the benefit of the largest victim of gun violence, the black community which suffers 85% of all murders.


The NTPD continuously points to the statistics that they, themselves, compile  to justify their stop and frisk tactics. For the sake of arguement, Iets just say that these stop and frisks do, in fact, lower crime rates in the city of New York. Is that a valid point? Are statisticly lower crime rates the end all and be all of police policy? Do the ends justify the means? Ive been told that crime rates in Moscow were very low in the 1940'S and 50's. But did low crime rate statistics justify Stalin's regime of terror? Does the tyranny imposed by the NYPD on a targeted portion of this cities population justify any proported lowering of this cities police reported crime statistics? And what of the statistics themselves? Can statistics compiled by police officers under the pressure imposed by depatmently ordered quotas be trusted? Mayor Bloomberg has publicly anounced that there are no quotas; end of story. I don't believe him. The police don't believe him. This paper did an excellent article on this sory on 9/1/2011 saying that U.S. district judge Shire Scheindlin doesn't believe him either. The city imposes quotas on patrolman to produce arrests using any means nessecary. The police used stop and frisk tactics to facilitate the means to arrest people that they, themselves, target in order to get their quota numbers. The statistics complided by those stop and frisk facilitated arrests are then used to justify  the stop and frisk tactics. Round and round, trying to justify abusive police policy.


So only violate the constitutional rights of a minority group -- to which you don't happen to belong.

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