Twelve Teen Girls Wanted In Subway Assault, French Fry Robbery *VIDEO*

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The New York Police Department is asking the public's help in tracking down 12 teenage girls who assaulted a couple of 16-year-olds on a Bronx subway in March. Prior to the assaults, the pack of teens stole the french fries one of the female victims was eating (see video of the assault released by police after the jump).

The incident happened on March 31, at the East 176th Street subway stop in the Bronx. According to police, the suspects got on the southbound 4 train and started taunting the two young victims.

After hassling the two girls, one of the suspects grabbed the french fries before the mob dragged the two victims off the train by their hair. Additionally, one of the victims' cell phones was stolen.

See video of the assault -- provided to NBC 4 by the NYPD -- below.

The 12 suspects are described as follows:

- 17, gray sweatpants and a pink shirt
- 17, pink sweatshirt, blue jeans, black T-shirt with white writing
- 17, long blond hair, black bubble jacket, white jeans
- 17, maroon Hollister T-shirt with white writing, blue denim jacket, blond stripes in the back of hair
- 18, red jacket and olive green baseball hat
- 17, heavyset, black T-shirt, gray jeans and a purple scarf.
- 17, purple sweatshirt, blue denim jacket, light jeans, white sneakers
- 18, white T-shirt, blue jacket, mesh hat with white writing
- 18, blue T-shirt, gray sweatshirt, white sneakers
- 17, tan jacket, light jeans, black knee high boots
- 15, heavyset with blond hair in a bun, pink sweatpants, pink sweatshirt, blue denim jacket
- 15, heavyset, purple Polo shirt with two yellow stripes and a yellow No. 5, light blue jeans

Anyone with information about the assault/fry robbery is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 800-577-TIPS.

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What do you expect from Village Vomit?


Has everyone' brain turned to jelly?  The perps are definitely black females but you wouldn't know that by their descriptions.  Why not mention race.  AFRAID??? Check out the video. They are black.  And I wonder if they yelled, "this is for Trayvon."  Wouldn't be surprised!


I predict a Mad Max scenario will play-out across the USA within the next 10 years.

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