WNYC: The City's Largest Private Employer Is The Nonprofit Sector

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A fascinating story on WNYC this morning: a new report finds that the city's largest private employer is the nonprofit sector.

When we wrote our cover story "The Nonprofit 1 Percent," we saw that there are some lucrative posts at the top of some of the city's nonprofit organizations. But we didn't learn, until WNYC reported today on a study by the Fiscal Policy Institute, that nonprofits are the main private employers for workers of all kinds in the city. They play a huge role in the city's private workforce, especially in the outer boroughs and among female workers and workers of color.

Read reporter Ailsa Chang's story here.

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Counting all non-profits together as a single sector is a seriously bizarre way of examining the local economy. Unlike categories like "retail sector" or "financial sector," "non-profit sector" encompasses arts foundations, hospitals, social service organizations, theater groups, even churches! If anything, this study demonstrates that this kind of sectoral organization is not very informative.

The study is here if anyone's interested: http://www.fiscalpolicy.org/fp...


What a joke.  Try running an economy on that.

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