Would You Ever Spend $60k On Legal Fees To Win Custody Of A Dog?

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James King
This is our dog James. We love him to death. Would we spend $60,000 on legal fees to win custody of him? Not a chance.
We wrote a blog post yesterday about a man who's spent more than $60,000 on legal fees in his effort to win custody of a dog from his ex-girlfriend. As we noted yesterday, dropping that much coin on a canine-custody case is insane because, well, it's a fucking dog.

The media's eaten the story up, though -- gushing over how adorable it is that 34-year-old Craig Dershowitz cares so much about about his pooch that he's blown his life savings trying to get him back. Unlike other media outlets, however, we're not fawning over a grown man who's this obsessed with his dog (or using his dog as an excuse to keep in contact with his ex-girlfriend).

Because of our take on the fight for "Knuckles" the puggle, Voice readers have called us "heartless" because we think it's nuts to blow $60,000 on a custody battle over a dog. We're not heartless, we're just not crazy enough to think dropping that much money on a dog is a good idea.

Stepping away from the royal "we" for a minute, I own a dog -- and am the furthest thing from a "heartless" dog-hater. Like me, my dog's name is James (yes, I named my dog after myself -- while listening to Carly Simon's "You're So Vein"). I got him six years ago -- when he was a puppy -- as a tip when I was working as a pizza delivery man when I was in college. James has been with me though thick and thin, including two moves across the country. We go to the park twice a day, he sleeps in my bed, licks my face, and finishes off whatever is left of my dinner. In other words, I love dogs -- James in particular. However, would I drop $60,000 to win custody of him from an ex-girlfriend? Not a chance. If he was sick and needed an operation, then I'd start writing checks. But Dershowitz's dog isn't sick -- he's just living somewhere else.

James King
How could you not love this guy?

We want to know what you think: would you drop $60,000 to win custody of a dog?

Cast your vote below.

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