The Best Places To Smoke Weed in NYC

Hey man...yeah, we know it's early, too. Are you seriously watching all of Star Trek: The Next Generation right now? Dude that's crazy. Riker like, gets turned into a Klingon or some shit on one of those episodes, right? No, I'm good for right now, thanks. I have to work! But is there any pizza left? I'm so hungry. Yeah, I already checked on top of the the stove. The only thing there is a half-eaten Entenmann's chocolate fudge cake, but I ate that already so it's like, not a whole half anymore. Wait, a whole half? Whoa! That's so confusing.

If you have ever had a conversation like this -- come on, admit it, you just did! -- you should probably leave your apartment for a little bit and get exposed to things like sunlight and true socialization. And don't let those laws prohibiting pot deter you from bravely stepping forth into the real world: The Voice would never, ever advocate anything illegal, but Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana. That wouldn't apply to enjoying a joint out in the open, but in the spirit of reform, here's our list of the best places to smoke weed in NYC.

In no particular order...

Central Park Sheep's Meadow

"There's supposed to be some historical stuff in this park, too" remarks a friend of the paper. Explains another via G-Chat: "i've taken acid and sat there for a solid 6 hours! Actually, the best way to see everything in central park is to smoke and get lost."

East River Park

"This is the river where they always find bodies. In movies, at least..." Another friend mentions in a chat: "east river park, on the other hand, is easy to smoke in. just have to watch out for people sleeping."

Continental's Bathroom

Because you can't smell anything over the stench of backed up toilets...

Fort Greene Park's Prison Ship Martyrs' Monument

"It's basically a chill lookout point."

Bowery Ballroom Outdoor Smoking Area

Rock concerts happen here. What's rock and roll without sex and drugs?

The Rocky Little Shore of Valentino Pier

For the romantic stoner in your life. (Duh.)

The Williamsburg Bridge

You can get high and look at the city's skyline. Def a more bangable date option than taking your significant other to see What to Expect When You're Expecting.

Men's Bathroom in Tompkins Square Park

"The pungent smell of pee obliterates the cannabis odors."

The Indian Caves in Inwood Hill Park

"The deer come down to the water to drink."

Anywhere on The Campus of Pratt Institute, Brooklyn

Uhm, it's an art school.


Says one Voice scribe: "i just got a one-hitter that looks like a cigarette. i walk down the street smoking weed pretty much every day."

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Diana Bonitz
Diana Bonitz

If pot was legel I think there would be less people hooked on pain killers .  Alchol and prescription drugs are the biggest killers of all there has never been anyone overdose on pot . It's not a narcotic but they throw your as in jail for it quick in Oklahoma , If they legelized pot they would shut down the drug cartel pot supply, and the federal goverment will make lots of money and so will the states ! LEGALIZE MEDICAL MARJUANA


I figured that if someone's very high, Auto, he or she won't clearly recall the intricacies of Trek plot lines :) 


Riker was turned into a primate... not a klingon... in Enterprise Archer got ridges on his forehead though... lol...

James Temple
James Temple

Sounds like you are a BIG RUDE JERK. Have you ever even been here before? New York Shitty? How old are you 12?


 Better let your fellow new yorkers know that part about acting like jerks as most in New York Shitty are BIG RUDE JERKS!


Walking down the street in the open is always the best option. Yeah, people look around becasue of the smell but they cant tell whos smoking what. Plus, if any issues arise you can drop what your holding and keep walking. oh yeah, or on any open train stop on the Coney Island me - they dont care...   

James Temple
James Temple

Hey to each their own but I have a pretty good attitude. I've spent time in Calif and Hawaii and thought they were great places. I just like more 24-7 action so I like it better in NYC. No reason to act like jerks!


On my lunch hour (when I was working), I regularly took a toke in a public phone booth.  You're shielded from view and if you don't take too much time, it worked out fine.  Couldn't imagine not smoking on my lunch hour while working at a law firm.  Makes it a lot easier to deal w/ al the crap. Also, college campuses are always a good place to light up.  


  Stay there with your shitty back east attitude who needs ya anyway.

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