BREAKING: Rodney King Found Dead in His Pool in L.A.

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As of 11:25am, Reuters is reporting that 47-year-old Rodney King, the famous victim of LAPD police brutality and protest symbol in the early 1990s, has been found dead in his pool. 

According to the news wire, "there is no sign of foul play" and his representative, Suzanne Wickman, has confirmed the death, which comes just over 20 years since riots in L.A. broke out over the beating.

UPDATE: According to CNN, a 911 call was made around 5 o'clock this morning by Cynthia Kelly, King's fiancee, who had heard something in the backyard. Officers immediately came to the house and found King at the bottom of the pool. After numerous efforts to revive him, he was pronounced dead at a local hospital. An autopsy and drowning investigation will be performed.

The Voice will keep you updated as more details are released.


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The real float
The real float

Rodney King found dead in his pool. Sound brutallly foul play to me. You really think we'll get to the bottom of this one? And I aint talkin about the bottom of the pool.


does sound a little better than "his bitch" or "his hoe" i bet rodney introduced the girl as "my bitch" or "she's my main ho!"

Anon anon song
Anon anon song

Ever notice that when an unmarried guy's death is worth mentionning in the news, the last girl he banged gets the "fiancee" title?


fly the flag at half mast in newark! rodney has gone the way of whitney houston. lets all now forget reginald denny getting beaten by a black lynch mob. and forget that king was almost as high as the miami zombie. and forget that king spent the three million he recieved from lawsuit on....parrrtttteeee! what is important: if obama had a son, he would have looked like rodney king.

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