Fox News Producer Will Keep His Job After Hilariously Biased Anti-Obama Video

It is political and comedic dogma now that Fox News is the opposite of a "fair and balanced" network. Their opinionators are stacked with conservative voices (Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Glenn Beck - remember him?) and any attempt they have made at portraying a leftist voice has failed miserably (Where in the world is Alan Colmes?).

So it was surprising that this video was received so wildly by those in the media who know how things work on Roger Ailes's network. Ed Schultz of MSNBC said that the ad more or less confirms that Fox News is an "arm of the Republican Party." Noted but that's a little harsh.

What has made it an interesting story, though, is that it almost cost producer Chris White, the man behind the video, his job. Keyword: almost.

In the video that premiered Wednesday, we see the lovable staff of "Fox and Friends" speculate on how America has changed in the Age of Obama. Images flash of skyrocketing gas prices and collapsing stocks, terms like "food prices," "families with savings" and "unemployment" are thrown all over the place and sound-bytes of Obama saying recovery is on its way is played over and over and over again. A piggy bank even sadly falls from some high ground, signaling, we guess, a loss of change. Whoa... that's deep.

It's a montage of spite, aimed at a President that Fox News did not approve of from Day One. It's no different than any Republican ad we've seen in the past, oh, four years or so; just without the "Elect Me For..." bit. So why the controversy?

Chris White had been telling executives at Fox News that he had been thinking of transferring to a new job at CNN but, after the video, they shredded his resume and told him to take a hike. A video with this much backlash will do that every so often. Although the Fox broadcasting company distanced themselves from White's creation almost immediately, they have agreed to bite the bullet and keep White on board.

Bill Shines, the executive vice president for programming at Fox News, had this to say: "We've addressed the video with the producers and are not going to discuss the internal workings of our programming any further." Enough said.

This is a constant theme of how Fox News approaches controversies of this nature. Notwithstanding the actual content of the video, the network has had its run-in numerous times with scandalous remarks and have acted (sometimes) in the proper way (search: E.D. Hill, 2008 election season, "terrorist fist jab")

But 2008 was a different time with different material; since Obama has been in office, the network uses different talking points from this video on a daily basis. Once it's all together in a four-minute video on YouTube, people started to get angry.

If this video and the eventual quasi-fallout proved anything, it's not that Fox News is an arm of the Republican Party as Schultz declared. That point grazes over another central motif at play here: that Fox News is suiting up for yet another election that they're trying to call the shots in. If anything, that was a pro-Romney ad and the decision to let Chris White stay is an approval of just how far the network will go to defend their position before November.

And that's the funniest yet saddest part of it all.


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He was never going to lose his job, it's a set-up for Faux, a propaganda outfit of the highest order. It churns up the GOP's failed ideas nonstop, and nothing short of Murdoch being investigated over here like he is in the UK will stop it. Faux is the worst of the worst, about as abysmal a "news" station as you'll ever see. Braindead TV for the braindead.


I watched it three times.  Where's the bias?  Any "hysterical" bias is entirely Surico's.  (Or whoever created the headline).  

Did Surico miss Obama's promise to cut the deficit in half?  If anything the video is too mild.  The President has failed to keep 90% of his campaign promises.  Shall we assume Surico  supports the President murdering civilians and citizens -- even worse than FDR throwing tens of thousands of citizens into concentration camps, without any trials?

Am I the only one who remembers when liberals defended civil liberties?  Or that Kennedy totally repudiated fiscal stimulus a half-century ago?  Can any THINKING adult seriously deny that Bush + Obama = Hoover + FDR?


How anyone can say that there are no networks biased toward democrats, how blind are you.  CNN destroying Chris White's resume for this report.....they are just afraid of someone really stating the true.  Thanks FOXS for standing up and keeping Chris.  It;s about time!

Ej Erikjay
Ej Erikjay

As we all know, none of the networks is even slightly biased toward the Dems. How blessed we are to have the perfection of liberals to strive for. Puke.


Sounds like the ad is an accurate portrayal of the situation in the US since Obama began implementing his policies. The material is undeniably critical and ,unfortunately, factual as well.There is no reason the man should lose his job for pointing out reality.


 I kept waiting for the shocking part. It seems like they might be manipulating statistics or disingenuously failing to do a proper analysis that might show that Obama inherited some of these problems and the conditions that lead to his "failures" in office, but I don't see anything extraordinary. I get the point that Fox wants to control elections. Their role in the Bush-Gore election was huge but we, the people, let that one go, so this is sort of like trying to close the barn door after the horse got out. I'll try to evolve my view on this but I don't see Obama as a victim of his critics but of his own desire to be liked. He gave in so much when he had the congressional majority, and has held himself back more he's been held back. He does not seem to be a man of principle but of practicality.

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