Here's An Interview With Tyler Clementi's (Now) Gay-Friendly Parents

Tyler Clementi committed suicide by throwing himself off the George Washington Bridge after a classmate streamed video over the Internet of him making out with another man. His uber-Christian parents made him feel "rejected" for being gay.

For the first time since the man who drove their son to suicide was released from jail (after a laughable 20 days behind bars), the parents of Tyler Clementi are speaking out.

Jane and Joe Clementi, and his older brother James, sat down with NBC's Lester Holt to talk about their son's tragic death (Tyler, for anyone who doesn't already know, threw himself off the George Washington Bridge after a classmate, Dharun Ravi, streamed video over the Internet of Clementi making out with another man). Turns out, the devoutly Christian (read: fagala-phobic) Clementis have since changed their tune when it comes to homosexuality being a sin.

After telling Jane Clementi he was gay just prior to his first day at Rutgers, Clementi told a friend he felt "rejected" by his uber-Christian mother, which later prompted New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser to suggest that the grieving mother is somehow to blame for her son's death and should be prosecuted.

The Clementis now have a different -- human -- view of homosexuality, and even have started a foundation to help other kids Tyler's age who are struggling with their sexuality.

See the interview below.

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Chillin Dylan
Chillin Dylan

so, a gay "man" at rutgers was recorded by a hidden camera as he was kissing another masculivoid while alone in a dorm room. it gets onto the internet and he kills himself because - because why? because he was ashamed of being a masculivoid? because he was ashamed that his own masculine presence left him feeling a need for another man in his life? the activists who sentenced his roommate to prison for hiding the camera are making the dead masculine insufficiency out to be a victim to feel pity for - this is not right because the same activists made it a crime for any masculivoid to go to a therapist for help to overcome an emotional desire for masculinity. in other words, maybe it is the fault of gay activists that this rutgers masculivoid is dead. apparently, the dead homosexual didn't think it was "okay to be gay," maybe he wanted a therapist to help him internalize masculine gender-identity while his inability to find one kept him looking at men like a kid looks through the windows of a candy store. if someone doesn't think it's "okay to be gay" and he eventually kills himself because no therapist will help him to grow up and grow out of his outside-looking-in type of gender-disorientation...his death is the fault of the activists who predominately banished the therapy that helps one become well-oriented and in-touch with one's own gender. i'm actually surprised that gay activists didn't think it was anti-gay for nate, mike, shawn and wan to call themselves "boyz ii men," simply because of the self-realization (penis-realization) implied in a boy reaching manhood. the rutgers masculivoid obviously had a problem with his own curiosity of the masculine gender. maybe feeling incomplete without another man in his life made him feel that he wasn't man enough, maybe he wanted people to think that he loved and respected himself as a man - maybe he jumped from the bridge because gay activists were forcing him to live a life that he didn't want and that he didn't agree with. gay activists may be to blame for the dead homosexual. all people are not like chastity bono, some people actually take themselves and their genders seriously enough to overcome gender-issues by changing their minds through therapy rather than by changing their genders through surgery. the person who killed the gay "man" at rutgers is also dead and nobody can send him to prison. sending the roommate to prison for playing a college prank on a self-piteous, insecure and unstable drama-queen is just wrong...but what a curtain-call that drama-queen gave. wasn't it mrs. clinton who said "I can't be responsible for every undercapitalized entrepreneur in America," as a response to charges that her plan would bankrupt businesses and cut employment? every person can't be responsible for the actions of every unstable drama-queen they come in contact with. or maybe they can be...maybe if i killed myself and wrote "i can't live if i have to pay for abortion" as a suicide note, the "white house-negro" would now be in jail for causing my death. dylan terreri, i "When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." - Madonna

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