Hot Dog Hooker Gets Time Served; Appeared In Court Wearing Bikini, Carrying Hot Dogs

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"Hot Dog Hooker" Cathy Scalia
If you don't absolutely love the infamous Long Island hot dog hooker, we don't blame you -- she's about as crass as they come. She turns tricks out of her hot dog truck, for god's sake. But she's at least good for a laugh.

For example, when she was sentenced to time served this morning after pleading guilty to prostitution charges, she showed up to court wearing a bikini under her clothes -- while carrying a package of hot dogs.

Additionally, she told a local TV station that she's "eager to get back to work."

The hooker, Cathy Scalia, was hit with a seven-day jail sentence this morning, but was credited with time served and released.

Despite pleading guilty, Scalia, 45, denies offering sex to an undercover cop inside her hot dog truck.

According to authorities, though, Scalia propositioned "customers" at her hot dog truck on Sunrise Highway in Baldwin. Nassau County police say Scalia would then tell clients to go to her home in East Rockaway for sex.

Sclaia claims she would strip for customers, but says she never offered sex for money.

"I don't think I'm going to jail," she told ABC's New York affiliate prior to her sentencing...again, while wearing a bikini and carrying a package of hot dogs. "Because I'm innocent. I really didn't do anything wrong."

Scalia has been striping since she was 19. She's been selling hot dogs for seven years. At some point, she combined her two professions and started offering lap dances  -- while serving hot dogs while wearing a bikini.

"I pleaded guilty to stripper, a stripper," she told ABC. "Not prostitution. Prostitution is sex. Listen, I'm Sister Theresa over here. Showing your cleavage is indecent exposure. Prostitution is sexual acts. That's prostitution."

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