Miami Cannibal Victim's Post-Op Photos Hit The Web. He Looks...Umm...Better? (NSFW)

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This is what Ronald Poppo looked like prior to having his face chewed off by a cannibal. The after photos (which you can see below) are terrifying.
About two weeks after his face was gnawed off by a crazed Miami cannibal, Ronald Poppo is "slowly recovering" from the traumatic injuries to his face. Surgeons have done their best to restore what was left of it, and photos of his new mug have hit the web.

The Voice's sister paper in Miami, the Miami New Times, got its hands on the photos and reports that "while the lower portion of Poppo's face remains mostly intact, the upper portion is now covered in scabs and skin grafts. His nose is completely missing. One eye socket is covered in skin, and the other is covered in a gauze pad."

We first brought you the story of the Miami cannibal a few weeks ago. Click here for the gory details. See some before and after photos of Poppo below (the photos are terrifying and not for the squeamish. You've been warned).  

This is Ronald Poppo after getting attacked by a cannibal.

This is Ronald Poppo after surgeons did what they could to restore what was left of his face.

New Times has all the details of Poppo's recovery, which you can read by clicking here.

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I think this is really really sad to be honest, race has nothing to do with what happened, everyone is trying to come up with all these excuses as to why it happened, but there really isnt anything apart from the guy who did it is nut's. "He was on drugs" and that made him hungry for face? "He is a zombie" well... I choose not to beleive that because its just dumb "He really was a nice guy" Uh... sure... Long story short, dudes dead and this poor guy is left with no vision no sence of smell and a quater of a face.


@Tardnarc Most white people, when talking about a guy who happens to be black, will refer to him as a "Black Guy". Thats just the way that it is. And it does not make us racist. If you dont like it, thats just too bad. Go somewhere and cry.


what relevance does the attacker's race have to this discussion? (hint: none) also, let us pray for scumbags like you who read these articles posted by scumbags in the media :P

Trayvon Cannibal Martin
Trayvon Cannibal Martin

pray for the scumbags in the media...hint...who love to show this stuff. and pray that the black guy who did this rots in hell.


This man is in my prayers. God bless.

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