NYPD Officers Shoot and Kill Woman Driving Stolen Car in Brooklyn

Police officers shot and killed an unarmed woman driving a stolen car in the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn last night, sparking tension in the neighborhood.

Police spokesman Paul Browne said the woman was shot in the chest by an officer who was trying to shift the gears into park while holding his firearm in one hand. She allegedly tried to drive backward as two officers tried to enter the vehicle.

Earlier, the woman, whose identity had not been released last night, ran several red lights before smashing into another car on East 38th Street and Church Avenue.

Police drew up alongside her car and approached the vehicle. The woman, 23, moved to the unoccupied passenger seat and opened the door. One officer tried to enter the vehicle there. He was hit by the door as she moved back to the driver's seat and threw the car into reverse, and pushed the gas pedal.

Another officer at the same time entered the driver's side of the vehicle with gun drawn. That was when his gun discharged.
She was declared dead at Kings County Hospital. No identification was found on her, and she had to be identified via fingerprint records.
The car that she was driving was reported stolen in a gunpoint carjacking on June 5 in Brooklyn.

The incident sparked a period of protests and anger in the neighborhood, but it had largely subsided by 11 p.m.

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Eric Sanders
Eric Sanders

 I was an NYPD Officer, now civil rights lawyer in New York City. Because the decedent was allegedly engaging in criminal activity at the time of the shooting does not mean she lost her civil rights during the police street encounter. We have to wait and see how this plays out. I can tell you that the shooting may have been justified under Article 35 of the Penal Law but, in violation of Department guidelines. The NYPD has a very stringent Use of Force Policy especially using force (firearms) as it relates to moving vehicles. http://www.thesandersfirmpc.com/


Read the article again Emily "Police spokesman Paul Browne said the woman was shot in the chest by an officer who was trying to shift the gears into park while holding his firearm in one hand"  sounds to me like it might have been a accident.  A far cry from murder  

Emily B
Emily B

This is ridiculous. Shooting a perpetrator unless they directly threaten you is not OK, and shooting a perp even IF they directly threaten you is not supposed to be the first course taken.  The witnesses say she didn't back up the car, and was saying "Don't Kill Me".  That's a murder.  She ran a few red lights and was wanted for other crimes- note, wanted- not convicted.  They condemned her without a trial right there, and that is not justice.  That's murder.  I'm embarassed for the NYPD, sorry for her family, and even more sorry that the NYPD will absolutely get away with this, because they always do.   If they killed her without justification, they should be punished.  But, we all know they won't be.  That's just the way things are in New York.  When cops shoot people, they don't get punished.  It keeps happening.  She even knew that they might kill her.  This is a problem much larger than this case,


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