"Pedo Heaven" Kiddie-Porn Founder Maksym Shynkarenko Busted In "Most Successful" Child Smut Investigation In U.S. History

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One of the world's prominent peddlers of child smut was extradited to New Jersey over the weekend where he currently faces multiple counts of kiddie-porn-related crimes following what authorities are calling "the most successful child pornography investigation in the nation's history."

The New Jersey U.S. Attorney's Office says a 32-count indictment was unsealed yesterday morning charging Maksym Shynkarenko -- a 33-year-old Ukrainian who allegedly operated a kiddie-porn website called "Pedo Heaven" -- with numerous child exploitation charges stemming from a lengthy investigation that has led to the convictions of more than 560 American consumers of (ahem) child erotica.

"According to the Indictment, Maksym Shynkarenko profited from the unspeakable abuse of thousands of innocent children by selling access to their suffering through his website," U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman says. "Distributors and consumers of child pornography create a market for sexual assaults on children, where the victimization of those children is refreshed with every download."

Federal prosecutors allege that between December 2003 and July 2008, Shynkarenko and others made "hundreds of thousands of dollars" by selling access to his kiddie-porn site to perverts around the world. The site had videos and images depicting the sexual abuse of children ranging from infants to teenagers.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents first discovered the site in October 2005, after seizing emails from the computer of a New Jersey man. When agents looked at the site, the banner page identified it as "Illegal.CP" (also known as "Pedo Heaven"). It featured more than a dozen images of minors engaged in sexual acts with other minors and adults, and proclaimed, "[n]ow you are in [sic] few minutes away from the best children porn site on the net!" and "[i]f you join this site you will get tons of uncensored forbidden pics . . . forbidden stories, and, of course, many videos."

The page also featured purported feedback from a self-described pedophile who praised the website. 

After discovering the website, an ICE agent posing as a pervert bought a 20-day subscription to the site. After registering, the agent got an email that provided a login name and password, as well as the assurance that credit card charges would appear on the subscriber's credit card bill as "ADSOFT."

The email also offered the following advice:

"Our site is considered to be illegal in all countries....Even if you ever have problems with police, you can always say that someone had stolen the information from your credit card and used it. It is very difficult to establish that you were the person to pay."

Federal agents continued to monitor the site and were able to identify hundreds of subscribers, whom, obviously, were arrested. No shocker here, but several of those arrested are convicted sex offenders, as well as "numerous others" who were actively molesting children.

In all, Shynkarenko faces one count of conspiracy to transport and ship child pornography; 16 counts of transportation and shipment of child pornography; one count of conspiracy to advertise child pornography; 12 counts of advertising child pornography; and one count each of engaging in a child exploitation enterprise and money laundering.

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The choices that people make that effect the children in the long term should be shot 


I just wish people were as concerned about all the reckless drivers on our roads.  Just this week some young woman who was texting (while making a turn!) and fatally ran over a deliveryman (who was idling properly at the stop light in his lane!) got...five years' probation and a hundred hours of community service.  What the feck?!?! Seriously, forget child porn.  I'm more concerned about child driving out there.


The US has every right to ask for extradition but why did the Ukraine give in and let him go? This stupid son of a bitch should be rotting away for the rest of his life in some God forsaken, Eastern European gulag. Shouldn't his fellow prisoners over there have dibs on his hiney hole?


No mention of what feature of the case made it an issue for the US authorities.. I mean, do they just go after all the sex crimes around the world while ignoring more pressing crimes? Unless I missed something.. the site operated outside of the USA and the operator was also outside of the USA when nabbed. Why was he extradited to the USA? If I drop litter on some little remote island in the middle of nowhere, will the US govt have me for it?

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