Reefer Madness: Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Not Linked to Crime?

Lots of pot news this morning!

Though New York might reform weed regs, the Feds have continued their crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries elsewhere -- most recently, they filed court docs to shut down three dispensaries near Los Angeles -- but new research puts to question law enforcement's crime concerns.

Here's what's up: UCLA researchers wanted to know whether areas around California pot dispensaries suffered from the same sociological problems as similar areas in Europe.

According to the predominant criminological theory, these stores ruin neighborhoods, as pot attracts criminals; purchases might get carried out with cash (which perps also gravitate toward); and customers will probably carry cash, but will be too weak to defend themselves from thieves because of medical ailments.

Two public policy analysts decided to study the scene in Sacramento, analyzing crime data before and after municipal approval of dispensaries.

What they found?

Crime tended to be higher in areas with unemployment, young people, and commercial zoning, but those factors were not related to the presence of marijuana clinics in a neighborhood. The researchers caution, however, that there are a lot of complex factors at play, and want to track the data across the U.S. more thoroughly.

[H/T L.A. Times]

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Da Realist
Da Realist

Supportin Medical Marijuana is dumb because it still criminalizes Marijuana possession and use. Legalizing Marijuana for Recreational Use is what should be supported and fought for, because it decriminalizes it. Marijuana should be Legalized for recreational use, sold out of stores to any adult 21 and over, and taxed. Doing so will create more jobs, the tax revenue will generate 13 BILLION dollars for the economy according to prominent economist, it will make it harder for kids to use, and it will put a serious dent in the profit margin of violent drug gangs and cartels. The idea that adults can drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, eat sugar, and use forks and knives, but we can't smoke Marijuana whenever we want because it's supposedly "dangerous" for us which has been proven not to be true is asinine. We're not free unless we're allowed to do whatever we want to with our bodies and are allowed to put whatever we want inside our bodies; as long as we're not hurting anybody else it shouldn't be against the law.

10dr Xtc
10dr Xtc

all you have to do is look at the success story of portugal and decriminalization..

Usmjp Vermont
Usmjp Vermont

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