Is This a US Embassy or Sarah Jessica Parker's House?


As we have reported before, presidential visits make going anywhere in the city virtually impossible.

But those of you who have sought solace from subway, bus, and taxi trouble by walking might have to put up with these not-so-minor inconveniences, too.

Barack Obama is going to rub shoulders with Sarah Jessica Parker and other Hollywood types tonight at her West Village townhouse at a 40K-per-pop campaign fundraiser. Anna Wintour has helped organized the shindig. SJP lives in the row of brownstones pictured above.

The Voice's Robert Sietsema, who lives near the epicenter of planned celebrity ass-kissing, snapped some photos.

He tells us that the sidewalks all along Bleecker, Charles, Perry, and West 10th Streets have been barricaded. Here's a pic of Bleecker!


Live nearby? Then let us know what's up in the comments or via e-mail.

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They are selling the Town House.. so its Pay back.. get the President there for a Fund raiser.. gets publicity for the house and of course they can say a President was there... jack up the price of the Town House... Obama and his 1%...

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