Is Luka Magnotta, Canadian Porn Actor and Murder-Dismembering Suspect, a Scientologist?

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Magnotta, from a 2007 blog in which he announces that he's joined Scientology
As the world tries to hunt down porn actor and murder suspect Luka Rocco Magnotta, Canada's National Post today pointed out something interesting -- Magnotta, 29, apparently converted to Scientology a few years ago.

Activists over at, naturally, were on to this months ago, when Magnotta first gained notoriety after he was blamed for posting to the Internet in January 2010 a notorious video of two kittens being strangled.

Now, Magnotta's in much more trouble, on the run after mailing parts of a man he allegedly killed and dismembered -- while videotaping it -- and then disappearing from his Montreal home. He's now thought to be hiding in France, and Interpol is on his trail.

We looked around and found evidence that this monster did become active in Scientology about five years ago. We've sent a request to the Church for a statement.

At a blog from 2007, Magnotta posts two very mechanical statements about Scientology. The first reads as though Magnotta cut and paste it from a Scientology website:

Luka Magnotta : Model and Church of Scientology Member

Scientologists come from all walks of life. They are concerned about social problems and support numerous social betterment programs which provide successful drug-abuse rehabilitation, improve educational standards and help reduce crime and moral decay. Thousands of Scientologists help their communities as Scientology Volunteer Ministers.

The Church always has been a relentless voice in search of social reform and justice. We have brought to light such issues as the enforced drugging of school children, the dangers of psychiatric brutalities such as electric shock treatment and lobotomy; and the chemical and biological warfare experiments secretly undertaken against unwitting American citizens. Scientology churches have championed the principle of open government and pioneered the use of the Freedom of Information Act to eradicate abuses.

Because the Church is so active and so prominent, and because Scientology is a large and growing international religion, Scientology continues to be a subject of public and media interest.

The second post is an even longer, and just as generic, description of Scientology's basic concepts.

After that, there's an anti-Hamas statement by Magnotta, and then the blog ends.

In 2008, Magnotta also appears to have spoken up for Scientology at an forum that was titled "Scientology is a cult, with very real risks for its members who are abused and taken advantage of!"...

Pardon me, Let me clarify something to you please sir...I am a member of the Church and I dont appreciate you talking negatively about them.

I am not being taken advantage of and they have been a big help in my life. Nor am I abused. I feel better then ever being associated with them, alot of very wonderful people, I need the church.

Sincerely Luka Magnotta

As for Magnotta's bizarre past, the National Post points out several lowlights of his life....

Magnotta is also believed to have tortured and killed several kittens in 2010, accusations which he denied. His blogs often deal with cyber-stalking and online defamation -- against him. But many believed he defamed himself, by posting rumours that he dated Karla Homolka.

However, he does have an official record for defrauding numerous large retail chains in 2004, including Sears Canada Inc., the Brick and 2001 Audio Video. He also was accused of stealing $17,000 from a woman and sexually assaulting her, although the sex charge was later dropped.

One of the eeriest and most recent blog posts, however, was posted in March, 2012, and titled "Necrophilia Serial Killer Luka Magnotta." It describes his sexual attraction to dead bodies.

"It's not cool to the world being a necrophiliac . . . I don't see myself as some creepy pervert. I'm just somebody who has feelings, real feelings, for dead men."

More about Magnotta as we get it...

UPDATE: The Sun reveals that it was communicating with Magnotta for some time, and tried to alert authorities about him. The newspaper says that it became alarmed about the man after the kitten-killing videos surfaced, and actually traded messages with him. In those messages, Magnotta boasted about killing, and said that a human would be next. He apparently made good on that promise. Much more at The Sun.

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