The Voice Reports from the Silent March Against Stop-and-Frisk


As we mentioned before in the post about Mr. Martin and Mr. Graham speaking on behalf of their deceased sons, the stop-and-frisk silent march will start promptly at 3 this afternoon.

Our fellow Voice scribe Steven Thrasher (follow him on Twitter for live updates) will be on the ground reporting alongside photojournalist C.S. Muncy (@CSMuncyPhoto).

4:50pm: Thrasher tweets that a "cacophony of sound" ended the march.

4:41pm: The protest edges closer to Bloomberg territory:


4:31pm: Muncy gets physical to grab a good shot: 

4:05pm: Thrasher spots City Comptroller John Liu way in the back of the march.

3:36pm: Tweeter @thehandofmartin sends us a picture of the scene from above; hundreds of protestors in sight:


3:30pm: Muncy on the difference between #OWS and this march: 

"Odd feeling. I've gotten so used to chasing the crowd, not used to silent, slow matches. "

3:21pm: Thrasher tweets on the united forces: "Just saw my first rainbow flag."

2:53pm: C.S. Muncy takes a beautiful shot of the march's onset:

Check back for updates throughout the afternoon.

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Black Man
Black Man

Where da white girls at. Yo, bitch, get me an ice tea!


Palstinians are hardly a flavor of the month and I only saw one sign mentioning the Palestinians and I don't think it "messed" with the demonstration or detracted from the demonstration in anyway. What do you mean perrennial protestors and why would they be different from the protestors you think should be at the march?


It sucks that the sectarian left always has to mess with the branding. This was an  important march at a time when real change seems possible. It has nothing to do with Palestinians or fracking or other radical flavors of the month. If your world view is that all of the issues are inter-connected and symptomatic of global capitalism yadda yadda, that's fine. But the effect of everything-and-the-kitchen-sink signage is to give the impression that it's another affair dominated by perennial protesters, not the people actually being oppressed. 

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