Wig Thief Bites Store Owner, Spits Flesh In His Face (Before Biting Cops)

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Alleged cannibal/possible zombie Lowpel Davis
The sun came up today, so, naturally, there's yet another story about a person feasting on the flesh of others.

The latest biter is a Connecticut wig thief who took a chunk out of a beauty store owner's bicep yesterday afternoon and then spit the flesh in his face. That, of course, was only before she bit several cops trying to take her into custody.

For anyone keeping score, this is now the eighth time in the past two weeks -- and the second time today -- an alleged cannibal/biter has made headlines.

The woman to the right is 38-year-old Lowpel Davis, of New Haven. Police say she stole a wig from the Sassy Beauty Supply shop yesterday afternoon, but was caught in the act -- which led to multiple bitings of those trying to take her into custody.

NBC's Connecticut affiliate reports that the unidentified store owner told police he saw Davis come into his store with a young girl. He then noticed that a wig had been taken off of a mannequin.

The store owner then checked the shop's surveillance system, which showed Davis hide the missing wig in her bag. He then told employees to keep her in the store.

Davis, however, had other plans -- she fled the store on foot as the store owner, and his 70-year-old father, tried to chase her down.

Davis, police say, wasn't going down without a fight -- she punched both men in the face before biting the store owner's bicep and spitting the chunk of flesh in his face.

Police caught up with Davis about 3:30 p.m. in front of the Giaimo Federal Building at 150 Court St., where authorities say she appeared "crazed."

Davis fought it out with four federal protective service officers at the Giaimo building and then kicked and swore at New Haven police officers trying to take her into custody.

Once in handcuffs, Davis tried to kick out the window of a cop car before she was moved into a windowless prisoner transport van.

The law enforcement officials involved in the struggle were taken to local hospitals and treated for "bites and other injuries."

The store owner was taken to the Yale-New Haven Hospital, where he was treated for the bite wound.

In all, Davis was booked into jail on one count each of sixth-degree larceny, breach of peace in the second degree, criminal mischief in the first degree, assault in the second degree and two counts of assault on police officers.

Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control claims the recent spike in biting incidents is not a sign of the zombie apocalypse, noting that the "CDC does not know of a virus or condition that would reanimate the dead (or one that would present zombie-like symptoms)."

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If she would only smile she would be much more attractive. Anyway, I say yes.


Could it be some type of rabies?


This is a lie. I saw this on the local news last night -he had a bite mark on his arm but his flesh was still there. Media lying about zombies again, ridiculous.

Noel Jean
Noel Jean

i think there is reason why she have done it. everything have his explication and if the policeman come deep in the story i know that he will know more things about this story. http://www.greatiful.com


You'd be angry too if you had hair like that.

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