9/11 Scammer/Fake Navy SEAL Called On BS By Real SEAL A Year Before Authorities Stepped In

The man standing with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is self-proclaimed Navy SEAL Mark Niemczyk. He's not a Navy SEAL, though -- he's a convicted felon, who authorities say has been running a bogus 9/11 charity for over a year.

"What a jerk off."

That's how actual Navy SEAL Don Shipley described alleged 9/11 scammer/faux-Navy SEAL Mark Anthony Niemczyk in April of last year -- more than a year before the New Jersey Attorney General's Office named Niemczyk in a lawsuit charging that he and another man have been running a bogus charity for the families of victims of the September 11, terrorist attacks for more than a year.

According to authorities Niemczyks and another man, Thomas J. Scalgione, have spent the past year driving around New Jersey and New York City in a truck -- covered with the names of the first responders who died when the World Trade Center towers collapsed -- soliciting donations for the fake charity.

The A.G.'s Office says the two men drove the truck to 9/11 memorial events and sold 9/11-themed tee-shirts to mourners starting in mid-2011. Additionally, they had a collection jug for cash donations, all of which were supposedly going to 9/11 charities.

That didn't happen, though; authorities say the two men -- each of whom have felony convictions for various fraud charges -- were pocketing the cash, and an investigation of the organizations to which the two men claimed to donate the money revealed that not a single one had received a dime from Niemczyk or Scalgione.

In addition to lying about being a Navy SEAL, Niemczyk went so far as to claim he's a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, which, of course, is bullshit -- as Shipley pointed out over a year ago.

The New Jersey Attorney General's Office credits a New York City police officer with blowing the doors off of Niemczyk's and Scalgione's plan, noting that "after doing some research, [the officer] had concerns about whether Niemczyk and Scalgione were operating a legitimate charitable organization."

No love for Shipley, though -- who, again, called BS on Niemczyk's fraudulent charity more than a year ago.

See Shipley's video calling out Niemczyk below.

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 @docrio45   Atta-Boy Don !

There are more of them than there is of us but at least some are getting that "cohones" busted!

HooYah !

Semper Fi!


Doc Rio



I agree this vehicle needs to be taken away from this insensitive faker the tailgate needs to be stripped and repainted and then the seal logos dealt with and be used as a flower car for funerals or something that would restore Honor to that vehicle.impersonating a SEAL is Bad enough but to take it that much further to fleece Americans over 9.11 that should be high treason and execution by hanging in Time Square he has single handedly offended the calling of those in military uniform as well as career and Volunteer Firefighters none of us do it for the money its a calling that is either inside of you or not,and you know which it is,and you follow that path. Let no more of the the thin Blue , Red or Camouflage line fall due to the deeds that this misguided individual has affiliated himself and all of our 343 from the first wave of the attack and may we hope that there will be no blood sweat and tears shed over this individuals creation. I am almost at a loss for words to express the jeopardy this individual has invited the enemies of a democratic society to wreak in there effort to punish many for the acts of the few 

merl.allen topcommenter

it figures he'd being hanging out with christie.

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