Andrew Goodman, Perv Who Got Smooch-On-The-Wrist Plea Deal, Could Be Federally F**ked

Andrew Goodman received a sweetheart plea deal from the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office that landed him behind bars for a mere two years for repeatedly molesting two young boys. Now the feds have stepped in, and Goodman's looking at an additional sentence of at least 10 years, if convicted of the new federal charges.
At the sentencing hearing earlier this month for convicted Brooklyn pervert Andrew Goodman, the pederast was so happy about the wimpy sentence he was set to receive (thanks to a sweetheart plea deal from the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office) that he used the court appearance to declare his undying love for one of the young, male victims of his perverse sexual appetite.

"Every second of every day, all that I think about is [you]," Goodman told the court, while staring at one of his teen victims.

He was then sentenced to a scant two-year prison sentence, which would have potentially had him back on the streets by October because of time he's already served.

Unfortunately for Goodman (but fortunately for every child in New York City), the feds have stepped in -- all because Goodman had the bright idea to take one of his victims to Atlantic City, making it an interstate commerce issue, which falls under federal authority, according to a criminal complaint obtained by the Voice.

Now, rather than two short years behind bars, Goodman is looking at a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years in prison if convicted.

Funny how the universe has a tendency to correct itself, ay?

According to the complaint, following Goodman's sentencing on July 12, one of his victims was interviewed by federal authorities  After explaining to the federal agent that Goodman began molesting him in 2006 -- when the boy was only 11 -- and continued molesting him until his arrest in 2011, the victim told the agent about the February 13, 2010, trip to the gambling hot-spot, where he says he also was sexually abused by Goodman.

Additionally, the boy says, two of Goodman's adult friends also went on the trip.

According to the complaint, the three adults gambled at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino before getting two rooms in the casino's hotel.

The boy told authorities that the two friends stayed in one room, while he and Goodman stayed in the other.

The room had two beds, and Goodman and the boy initially started out sleeping separately, the boy told investigators Soon after, however, Goodman weaseled his way into the boys bed, where he sodomized him and forced him to perform oral sex. Then the creep allegedly forced the boy to take a shower with him.

The next day, Goodman and the boy had breakfast at a diner before going to a Kid Rock concert at the Borgata Casino. The next day, Goodman put the boy on a bus back to Brooklyn.

To verify the boy's story, authorities checked Kid Rock's concert schedule, and sure enough, he played a show at the Borgata on February 14, 2010.

Goodman is a grade-A creep -- in addition to the abuse for which he's been convicted, his neighbors have video footage of him sneaking up to 11 underage boys in and out of his 15th Street home in "predawn hours." Considering he had no problem expressing his unwavering affection for his young victim, it seems pretty clear that two short years in jail isn't gonna break him of his pedophilia habit. Not that 10 years would, either, but at least he'd only be around other convicted criminals, and not sneaking young boys into his apartment in the middle of the night.

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he seemed like an OK person. i cannot judge either way


this is so poorly written, can't the voice do better than this, it makes me feel like I'm listening to the snickering ravings of a group of teens


I wouldn't celebrate just yet.  The very name brand of sick Jewish nepotism that got him the NY plea deal also extends to the federal level. 


*This is so poorly written (period). Can't the Voice do better than this (question mark)? It makes me feel like I'm listening to (reading) the snickering ravings of a group of teens (period).@max555 


 @guest Actually, it's the Jews who went after him. Judge Murphy, a nice Irish boy, gave him a kiss on the mouth.


Also, misuse of the word nepotism...


 @JamesKing spite of his lack of punctuation, max555 is correct.  It is a poorly written article.  Journalists are supposed to be unbiased, weren't we taught that in 7th grade?  


You can't really single out the Voice for this, it's a sign of the times.  You'll find equally horrid journalism on CNN, NBC News and Huffington Post.  Not only are journalists undereducated, but the readers aren't smart enough to know that what they're reading is poorly written.

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