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Starting today, you will see something different across our site. It's right below this post, in fact--it's our new commenting system. Don't be frightened, it is extremely easy to use and makes the whole commenting process painless (well, commenting is never painless, now is it?). To sign up, just click "Sign in" in the new comments section below. You can sign up with Facebook, Twitter, MyVoiceNation, Yahoo, Google or email.

Your new Livefyre account enables you to keep track of conversations happening in real-time, allows you to tag people on Facebook and Twitter within the comment threads, and lets you see what your friends are saying and doing on our publications and Voice Places.

So go ahead, sign up, sign in, and continue commenting.

[Please note it may take some time for older comments to load.]

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I hadn't read this till today and it doesn't really give any instructions. Like using the "+Follow conversation" and how it effects the regular run on your screen.  However, I've successfully logged in and did photo for first time ever, with practice and persistence, being I had time to spend and finally got it done. I'm only basic computer smart.


The help from the staff on the thread was a delightful surprise and pleasing. This has been an adventure and challenge and I think it will serve all so much better in the long run when all the bugs are handled. I'd have to trust Tony in knowing what's best for us and the Village Voice. Imagine hundreds of people signing up et all in one day plus commenting on the articles.

Kudo's to the staff and Tony!  You guy's deserve a raise.  


Also would like to comment that the thread looks artistic with more avatars and color.

zinjojo 1 Like

At least it's not quite as bad as that complete mess of a commenting system that Gawker moved to. I quit reading Gawker completely after their new system was launched and increased my viewership here.  Please don't screw up what makes your community so good!


Apparently, disqus, the old system, now charges to use their Worst of all, I tried to print some of my old comments, and it printed "hash".  All I have left, is my dashboard profile page, proving the comments and likes really existed. Why all the heartburn? village Voice, LA Weekly, Bragging Rights.

Angela Garcia as NeonMosfet

butseriously 1 Like

This is really an unpleasant system. So someone was paid off to ditch the old system and install this mess?!

theranthrope 2 Like

To be frank; it's terrible. It consistently freezes when I attempt to sign in, there is no edit functionality, catchpa which evolved to the point where it isn't even -human- readable, and it NAGS. Whichever person who is responsible for greenlighting this MESS should be sacked. ...and whoever responsible for sacking that person should be sacked.

theranthrope 2 Like

...and it wrecks my post formatting for not good reason: THOSE CARRIAGE-RETURNS ARE THERE FOR A REASON. Also, if you use naughty (and virus-like) javascript to block right-clicks, that blocks spellcheck, genus.

theranthrope 2 Like

Thanks for "fixing" something that wasn't broken by replacing it with something that is indescribably broken....


Agree with Andrew's question. Why not use my "real name" filled in versus the user id?  


Also, I'm having trouble getting the profile picture to show up on my posts, even though I've selected it as my default profile picture in the "edit profile" screen...  I have reloaded article pages with my comments on them and cleared the browser cache, so there's something funky going on.  


For others' edification: if your profile photo doesn't show up immediately, you should log on and off a couple times. Eventually the Livefyre server farm will push the picture across all the relevant places.  Took about a half hour in my case. 

AndrewRobertson 1 Like


Any change which involves battling CAPTCHA is a bad thing.  I'm becoming like my grandfather, who when television was introduced in New Zealand in 1960 remarked "Who needs to see the fiddler's elbow."


But why do I have to be 'adrobertson'?  I always use the nom de plume 'Andrew Robertson' because it's the same as my real name which makes it easy to remember!



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