Bloated Pig/Rat-Monster Washes Up On Shore Of East River

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Denise Ginley
If anyone's missing a gigantic, bloated pig/rat-monster, it's been found on the bank of the East River -- and it's disgusting.

The above photo -- and others you can see after the jump -- were taken under the esplanade along the East River by a woman named Denise Ginley.

It's unclear what this thing actually is -- there's some chatter that it's the second-coming of the "Montauk Monster," which was found washed up on the shore near Montauk in 2008 and determined to probably be a bloated raccoon. This monster, however, looks more like a bloated pig or rat -- if you ask us, anyway.

We're no experts in disgusting, bloated water vermin, though, so we've contacted experts at the Bronx Zoo to see if they can tell us what this thing actually is. We'll let you know what they have say -- meantime, see some more photos of this monster below.

UPDATE: An animal expert tells Gothamist -- which first reported on this bloated mess -- that it likely is a dog. That said, those ears look awfully swine-y -- or pit bull-y (we don't know what the F to think).


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So i guess all you guys are morons... A "dog" would  have dew claws... There are NONE. A "pig" would have hoofs.. this thing has toes..... and how the hell do you really think a pig and dog could cross breed.. MORONS!!!



it's more than likely a 'male possum', since there's no baby pouch, or a raccoon that lost all it's hair in the water.

Processed 1 Like

Poor dog. :( Horrible what water does to a corpse. 

5lttlestones 1 Like

pig and dogs are in the same animal family or should i say dogs are descendants of pigs. i have heard there it is rumored that there is such a thing called a "pig dog" . it has a face kinda like a dog but a body of a pig and it squeals like a pig. i think its something like taking a horse and a donkey, mating them and the end result being either a mule or a henny. dont know if this is true or not but its some what strange, isnt it? the indonesian pig/dog looks something like this bloated mess found in the east river! i guess the east river is still off limits for swimming, right?  ;-)

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 @5lttlestones East River should be permanently off limits for any living creature! Disgusting that people touch that water at all. :o



 what george carlin swam in it all the time as a kid to cool off and he lived til 2008 and was 71. so it can't be that bad since there were no regulations in those days. 

Olivia 2 Like

Poor dog. :(


Give it to April Bloomfield.  She'll carve it right up.

voicecommentor 1 Like

I'd agree the ears are very pig-like, but the bloat and lack of hair might be deceiving. Have a look at the feet. Pig have hooves ("trotters"), correct? These appear to be articulated toes. Not thinking the mystery stiff is porcine.

kahnerrodriguez 2 Like

I'd guess its some kind of a dog.

JamesKing 1 Like

 @kahnerrodriguez Look at the ears, though -- don't those look pig-y?

Processed 1 Like

 @JamesKing The ears look strange b/c the carcass has succumbed to the effects of being in the water for some time - bloating, discolorations, hair-shedding, etc). Was actually probably a cute dog before it met what looks to be an unfortunate demise. :(

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