BREAKING: After a Multi-Alarm Fire, 4Knots Blazes On

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Robert Sietsema
Picture of the milling crowds at 4Knots, post-fire.
If you have following Twitter about #4Knots, you know by now that a fire broke out in the South Street Seaport. With help from music editor Maura Johnston, fellow scribes Nick Murray, Eric Sundermann and Robert Sietsema, we have a detail dump on the happenings in Downtown. Here is what we've found out; try to follow the e-mail chain:

At around 4pm, Robert Sietsema sent us the following e-mail:

A multi-alarm fire closed the pier complex at the South Street Seaport at 4pm today, and the complex, as well as the Beekman Beach Club had to be evacuated. 

The fire appeared to have started in a trash container at the end of the pier. The 4Knots Festival paused for 15 minutes then continued. Hospitality were in the middle of their set.

These details were later confirmed in an e-mail from Nick Murray:

i just talked to eric and he said it happened during hospitality and delicate steve's set and that some fire boats came and extinguished it, but everything is back on schedule and people should still come.

And, here's what Eric told us:

Right now, everything is postponed until they clear out. The fire appears to be out, but they are doing a bunch of clearing things. I talked to some fire department official and he told me "everything is postponed," but once things start clearing out, things will start getting back to normal. But to be honest right now it seems like nobody is exactly sure what's happening or if there is a timetable.

A bartender at the beekman place just told me, "I don't know what happened. I was serving drinks and there was smoke. Lots of smoke." Rumor has it it was an electrical fire.

Soon after, Maura informed me that it has not been confirmed whether or not the after-party at Beekman's will be affected by the events. But regardless, go out there and wave your freak flag high. Cause we certainly will be.

The Voice will keep you updated if any other details arise.

UPDATE: The after-party, according to Eric, will run on schedule; no harm done. Cheers!

UPDATE, UPDATE: Here are some pictures from photojournalists C.S. Muncy.






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