Brooklyn D.A. Mum On Slap-On-The-Wrist Plea Deal For Convicted Pervert Andrew Goodman

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Andrew Goodman professed his love for a teenage boy as recently as last week. Thanks to a sweetheart plea deal -- approved by the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office -- he could be back on the streets by September.

On Friday, we asked the following question: How Did Brooklyn Perv Andrew Goodman Get Off With A 2-Year Prison Sentence?

The question wasn't meant to be rhetorical; we really want to know how a guy who was initially hit with 48 pervert-related felonies after admiting to sexually abusing two young boys -- before brazenly declaring his undying love for one of them at his sentencing hearing last week -- gets a mere two years behind bars.

Other media outlets have blamed the judge in the case, Martin Murphy, for the sweetheart deal that could potentially have Goodman back on the streets -- and around your kids -- by September. But plea deals -- even those of the sweetheart variety -- don't exist without the approval of a prosecutor, who in this case works for the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office, which has refused to give an explanation as to why Goodman was let so easily off the hook.

We've contacted the Brooklyn D.A.'s Office twice since Friday, both times asking for a simple explanation of the deal. We were ignored each time.

Just to be clear, we're not saying the Brooklyn D.A.'s Office is necessarily to blame for Goodman's slap on the wrist -- shitty plea deals happen sometimes, especially when prosecutors don't think they have enough evidence to get a conviction on a more serious charge.

For example, while working for the Voice's sister publication in Phoenix, Arizona, we wrote an article about a Jehovah's Witness elder who got sentenced to a scant six months in county jail after admitting to repeatedly abusing a teenage boy over the span of several years. The Maricopa County Attorney's Office (after initially lying to us about the circumstances surrounding the deal) explained that "time stamps" (events -- in this case the release of the movie "Porky's" -- that specifically indicate when something happened) were inconsistent with the victim's story, and it therefor couldn't be proven that he was 14 years old at the time of the abuse.

Under Arizona law, the age of the victim plays an enormous role in the severity of the punishment for their abusers -- and 15 is the age at which the punishment gets much less severe. Because it couldn't be proven that the victim was 14 at the time of the abuse, the county attorney says he was forced to cut the elder a deal -- even though the perv admitted to the abuse long before a deal was ever presented to him.

We didn't quite buy the county attorney's explanation (given some other facts surrounding the case), but at least one was offered. The same cannot be said about the Brooklyn D.A.

In Goodman's case, in addition to professing his love for the victim in open court as recently as last week, his neighbors have video footage of him sneaking up to 11 underage boys in and out of his 15th Street home in "predawn hours." In other words -- and if pervert history tells us anything -- this probably won't be the last time Brooklyn D.A. Charles Hynes hears the name Andrew Goodman, and if/when he re-offends, Hynes probably will have much more explaining to do.

Oh -- just to reiterate -- Goodman could be a free man as soon as September, so hide yo' kids!.

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Robert Portmanteau
Robert Portmanteau

Don't worry he probably will catch a nasty shiv in the shower and never make it out.


See you are doubling down on last weeks error. All other media sources reported the defendant pled guilty to all charges. When that occurs, the DA has no control over sentencing. In this case every report the ADA opposing Judge Murphy's sentence. Any lawyer or reporter familiar with the Ceiminal Justice system knows this. Maybe you could check with a reporter or other person who was in the courtroom or even check the Court record- should not report on suppositions in areas you know nothing about.


Can you leave the law & order crap to the Post?  I get that child molesters are bad and all that, but that PSA is pretty well covered already.

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