Brooklyn Sex Offender Arrested For (Wait For It)...The 169th Time

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Gian Verdelli looks exactly like the father from Boondock Saints. He's also been arrested 169 times for various acts of pervy-ness..
The 168th time apparently wasn't a charm for Brooklyn sex offender Gian Verdelli, who was arrested for the 169th time Monday for some (alleged) unwelcome "grinding" of two women several times over the past two months.

According to authorities, a 28-year-old Jersey City woman has had three perv-y run ins with Verdelli since June while riding on the PATH train.

Another woman also went to authorities about Verdelli's alleged pervy-ness on the PATH, which prompted police to set up an undercover sting in an attempt to catch the veteran pervert.

One of the victims managed to snap a photo of Verdelli on her cellphone following a July 3, attack. Police used the photo to identify Verdelli in the sting.

Plainclothes officers tracked down Verdelli on Monday and took him into custody.

Verdelli's arrest record dates back to the 1970s -- we're in the process of finding out some of the details of his past crimes, so check back for updates.

This time, Verdelli was booked on two counts of criminal sexual conduct and drug charges. He's being held without bail.

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