Christine Quinn Tells Chick-Fil-A to Get Out of NYC

Yesterday, we reported on the Chick-fil-A controversy that has been brewing across the country. Well, it looks like this story's heating up a bit.

As the mayors of Boston, Chicago and San Fran all demanded for the organization to get the hell out of Dodge, our urban boss, Mr. Michael R. Bloomberg, took the side of the fast-food chain that echoes its $2 million worth of donations to anti-same-sex-marriage groups. He argued that the government has no right to tell a business what to believe or interfere with its enterprise based on ideological judgment.

Enter City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. The future mayoral candidate drew her line of opposition to the chicken sandwich purveyor, stating, "Chick-fil-A is not welcome in New York City as long as the company's president welcomes continues to uphold and promote his discriminatory views."

She is referring to President Dan Cathy's remarks on his defense the 'biblical definition of marriage' and how America should stop questioning God - these statements were mentioned in yesterday's piece as well. For Ms. Quinn, the 'biblical definition of marriage' is a far cry from reality, especially since she recently wed her longtime partner, Kim M. Catullo. 

And, with that, she has started her campaign to boot this organization from NYC's restaurant ranks.

Yesterday, Ms. Quinn wrote an open-ended letter to NYU President John Sexton - just like Mayor Tom Mancino's letter to the Chick-fil-A establishment - that called for him to throw Chick-fil-A out of the dining hall. She writes,

"I urge you to sever your relationship with the Chick-fil-A establishment that exists on your campus. This establishment should be replaced with an establishment where the ownership does not denigrate a portion of our population."

FYI: its location at NYU is the only one in New York and it's serving freshmen and sophomores alike in the Weinstein Residence Hall. According to Quinn's letter, once it's closed, the University can re-hire the employees for work in the food service that replaces it. The Observer has a copy of the letter here.

Regardless of whether or not Sexton takes the letter seriously, Quinn has gone above and beyond on her efforts to stop Chick-fil-A: on, the Council Speaker has created a petition to kick 'em out. Its title reads, "Chick-fil-A: We demand the Chick-fil-A executive apologize and change his position." It needs 500 signatures; as of this second, it has 309.

By doing so, the head of New York City's legislative branch is taking a staunch position against her executive counterpart, Mr. Bloomberg. Now, we wait to see which side the people of this City choose.

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The mayors of Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, and the Speaker of the New York City Council are out the closet as whole-hearted supporters of fascism. Not Nazism, but more like good old Italian or Spanish or Argentinian fascism, using their power to reward cronies and screw their critics. They have no respect for the Constitution and no respect for the rights of any who disagree with them. No major Democrat has raised a voice in protest, so they must agree.


The Democratic Party has been infiltrated and taken over. I despise the Republican Party, but the Democrats have allowed their leaders to make their party the face of modern American fascism.


If we let them do as they will to Chik-fil-A, who will be next?


There's something that disturbs me about her letter.  Tolerance works both ways.  She makes this contradictory statement (within the same sentence) in her letter.  She says,


"We are a city that believes our diversity is our greatest strength and we will fight anything and anyone that runs counter to that."


Does anyone else see a contradiction there!?  Or is it just me?  She says diversity is our greatest strength, but she wants to kick out anyone who disagrees with her.


And wasn't this what they were doing to us a while back?  Saying that WE didn't have rights because we weren't part of their little club?  Now we're going to do the same after years of bitterly complaining how wrong it was?  It's like we're turning into them!  


I don't remember church people going after Christine Quinn or organizing a boycott against her.  I don't even remember anyone from Chick-fil-A going after her and saying she didn't have a right to her opinions, or marriage.  No one protested in front of her house when she got married.  


But she now ironically says those who disagree mustn't be allowed to own a business in the city. Could that illogical reasoning ever come back to bite us on the butt?  


It also makes me wonder why she was so in favor of the downtown Mosque being built because Muslims hold a far less tolerant attitude towards gays than Christians seem to.  Dan Cathy's remarks would be a welcomed relief if you ever heard what Muslims thought of gays.



Ms Quinn better recognize a quant custom in this country called freedon of speech. Even if the positions are objectionable to her, SHE MUST RESPECT other people's opinions while still disagreeing with them.

Tolerance and diversity means respecting and putting up with opinions that you find reprehensible.




nick.maze 1 Like

I think big bertha Quinn is right- we should shut down ALL CHIK FIL A due to their hatred.   And screw all the employees in all 1,600 stores- it would fit perfectly in Obamas plan to have the whole county on the take from the government and add to our unemployment.


No Quinn- it is you who needs to be evicted from City Hall and get the hell out of NYC- you WILL NEVER BE MAYOR- 

unrepentantfb 1 Like

gee whiz --and  wasn't quinn a strong supporter on the ground zero victory mosque ? and does she even know islam's stance on homosexuality never mind the idea of same sex marriages ? LOL ! 


Defeat homo-fascism/anti-Christian persecution...Eat More Chicken and evict politicians like Quinn who only represent citizens with "more-equal" status.  STOP THE ANTI-CHRISTIAN HATE CHRISTINE!  (Photo is from protest at NYU Chick-Fil-A restaurant)  Quinn is a new-age Senator McCarthy.  

WingsOMan 2 Like

If I had the money, I'd plan to open five more Chick-fil-A franchises in NYC just to piss off the likes of  intolerant, anti-Christian bigots like Christine Quinn.






john.paul.collins 3 Like

mr cathy does not discriminate against anyone who works for him,our gets served in his restaurant.he simply believes marriage is between a man and woman. big deal

JohnLasVegas 2 Like

 It is a big deal.  The charitable arm of his corporation donated millions of dollars to groups that do discriminate. Some have been designated hate groups by the SPLC. 


 @JohnLasVegas First off its his money to do with as he pleases. Secondly do we go tell you what to do with your income?  I think not.  Freedom of speech is only free if the left agrees with you!


 @EATMORCHIKIN What is overlooked in this argument is same sex marriage is about real families, with real people, many with real children. This company executive donated millions of dollars to organizations that are working desperately to destroy these families and the lives they built together by spreading fear, ignorance and hate - all in the name of religion. Yes, he has a right to free speech and religious freedom however, he does not have a right to destroy families with false statements and untruths. I think there's even a commandment for that - (see #9).

Robbins_Mitchell 3 Like

 @JohnLasVegas  SPLC???...the premier lefty hate group in the US today

nick.maze 1 Like

 @Robbins_Mitchell And how are they a hate group- did they bomb some gay hang outs?  Or they are hateful because they do not believe in gay marriage and that makes them hateful?  

Sara56 2 Like

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel teamed up and welcomed Louis Farrakhan to his city.  Farrakhan is outspoken against gay marriage.  Pretty hypocritical and pandering. 


Cathy is just pro traditional marriage.  He does not discriminate.  He had sales of 4 billiion last year, even when closed on Sunday.  Speaking of which, how long did it take gay people to figure out a company closed on the Sabbath was going to follow the bible?  Big duh there.


 @Sara56   Farrakhan- Hates those evil white devils too- and many others, but he has to welcome him, remember where his previous boss our president went to Church and how much Wright loves this country.   

mateocinco6 3 Like

lol finally someone speaks out and dont let the homosexual community stuff down our throats this gay marriage  thing .....I will eat Chick fil-a every time i have a chance so what ,we are exercising our rights like they do???? aren't we ????    respect others to be respected.a comment on belief do not make nobody discrimatory......PLEASE!!!!!! they always POLARIZE everythig to their advantage...... 


I am tired of hearing"Chick Fil A believes this" They dont the owner does! Chick Fil A is not a person! They do not represent all the share holders, and people that work for this company, there for if this is something that they believe, well tell a friend, or family, dont come out and tell the world. If you run a company you better be Damn sure if you are making your beliefs public, it better represent the company as a whole. The constitution was wrote "We the People" not " We the company" , and Im pretty sure this does not show or respect the beliefs of the people that are joined with this food chain!!


 @oakli1 Chick-Fil-A is a privately owned business. There are no shareholders.

dzeebz 4 Like

Who is she to speak for an entire city. Sad but true I agree w/ Bloomberg....and that's a first...


 @dzeebz You and me both I could not believe it came out of his forked tongue.

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