DEVELOPING: Aurora Police Venture Into Holmes' Booby-Trapped Apartment

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The face of James Eagan Holmes.
As we all know by now, yesterday marked the largest mass shooting in America's history, as suspect James Holmes, who is now in police custody, gunned down a total of 71 people, leaving 12 dead and 59 injured at a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado - a town not too far from Columbine High School. 

The suspected killer was decked out in bulletproof apparel, dawning red hair and calling himself "The Joker" in front of police authorities. He carried with him a AR-15 semiautomatic rifle, shotgun and a .40-caliber Glock, leaving a handgun in his car; all items that Aurora Police Chief and former NYPD official Daniel Oates told the public that Holmes obtained legally. His motive is still unclear.

But, now, as the details grows deeper into Holmes's decline into mental insanity after dropping out of graduate school, the Aurora Police Department have begun the first steps of entering into Holmes's home to find out what the hell was behind his horrific murder spree. However, there's a sick twist: Holmes laced his apartment with booby traps, including explosives and an "unknown liquid," causing authorities to evacuate all nearby residents.

According to NBC News, a wire was set to detonate the explosives as soon as the first person entered. For this reason, the police authorities are sending in a bomb robot to check out the situation inside the hell hole. As of now, the first phase is complete as officials have deactivated an incendiary device that was set to explode. The second phase, however, might include a mandatory detonation because authorities have found over 60 explosives set inside.

UPDATE: The New York Times is reporting that "bomb specialists had eliminated the major threats in the apartment, making it safe to enter." After deactivating a second detonation trigger, the authorities plan on searching the apartment even though other hazards remain. They will most likely be there for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

Check back with the Voice throughout the day for more details on this truly unbelievable story.

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vito33 you're hilarious. you push for tougher gun laws now but the truth is you libs will start crying and screaming when you realize the vast majority of people arrested for illegal gun possession and receiving, 20 year, 30 year, life sentences are minorities and the prisons are filling up even more disproportionately with young black and hispanic men.


Then you libs will demand a 'cultural exception' defense plea, whining it's not black peoples fault they live in cities with tough gun laws, they should have the same right to 2nd amendment as white hicks in the countryside.


According to the Times, a neighbor of Holmes went up to bang on his door and complain about the loud music that night. She put her hand on the doorknob and realized the door was unlocked... but decided not to open the door. Despite all the other horror, she must be heaving the biggest sigh of relief in history.




But you know what, nothing's going to change. Do you think Obama is going to go on TV and say, "By executive order of the President, the assault weapons ban is hereby reinstated and next week we're going to close all the gun show loopholes."? Do you think the spineless Romney would try to take on the NRA? Columbine and Virginia Tech and Giffords didn't cause politicians to grow a pair, and this won't either.


So we'll hear about this for a little while longer and probably find out what's wrong with this piece of shit Holmes, and then something else will capture our attention until another massacre happens again. And again.


But here's a thought - We've long ago passed the point where the proliferation of guns in this country is solvable. If you want a gun and you have the money and you know who to talk too, you can get one. The most draconian purchase laws will never change that. But enforcement could have an impact on gun crime.



Any sporting goods shop found not complying 100% with the "check" laws - business seized, owner and the employee who made the sale get 20 years, no parole.

Anyone caught with an illegal gun - 30 years, no parole.

Anyone carrying without a license or in a place where it's not permitted - 30 years, no parole.

Anyone in possession a gun in while committing a crime, even if they don't fire it - Life, no parole.


Where do you get the space? You don't put people in jail for smoking weed or for any other number of non-violent offenses that routinely land folks in prison for ridiculously long terms.



DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Should Mentally Ill People Be Allowed to Possess Firearms ??


 @Mnasser Actually, I wouldn't say any such thing. And after about a year of enforcement like this, both the country hick and the urban gang banger would start to get the message. Probably not even that long.

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