Medical Marijuana: Los Angeles Bans Prescription Pot Shops

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After Los Angeles' prescription pot supporters and opponents took to City Hall to do verbal battle about the legal future of medical marijuana dispensaries, the L.A. City Council decided Tuesday night to ban prescription pot shops.

The unanimous vote requires that all 762 dispensaries close immediately, though the move might allow some shops to remain under certain circumstances, the L.A. Weekly and Los Angeles Times reports.

However, if dispensaries do not close, they might face legal penalties.

Medical marijuana backers were so angered by the vote that cops had to rush in to quell their jeers, the Times notes. Many have vowed to sue the City.

So what do L.A.'s palliative pot patients do now?

Well, the ordinance greenlighted last night lets patients and their caregivers "grow and share marijuana in groups of three people or fewer."

The problem?

A lot of patients don't have the time or skills to do that, and some estimates indicate that cultivating and maintaining a medical-grade plant can cost up to $5,000.

Confusingly, the L.A. City Council also said OK to a measure that requires the municipality's planners to figure out which pot shops should remain open, potentially granting immunity to shops established before 2007, the year in which a moratorium on new dispensaries was put in place.

This proposed ordinance might be weighed within the next few months.

Tuesday's developments comes as national law enforcement authorities continue to target California's legal medical weed industry. Though prescription pot is legal in California, it's illegal under federal statute.

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well this does not do much for the thousands of hospice patients who use marijuana to ease them through their suffering. when you go into hospice its not like you can start cultivating marijuana on a whim or do you have enough time left to do so. sad for those who are in need and sad that federal budgets are allocated to shut down the dispensaries when they are a huge and necessary tax revenue for te state of California. none of this makes sense and surely there is something else behind all of this...its just not adding up in the slightest. wonder what is really going on in the Los Angeles City council? i imagine with the current city council members they might as well kiss their council seats bye-bye. you use to be able to drive around L.A. and see the lines standing around the corner from the dispensaries. guess L.A. doesn't need the tax revenue.i sure hope they dont think every one will start taking vicodin or the other addictive muscle relaxers! i wouldnt be surprised to see an entire slue of pain clinics popping up all over town. that's all L.A. needs is a bunch of pill poppers on the loose!

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