Mayor Anthony Weiner? Really? Really?

This guy wants to be your mayor, New York.
Remember that guy who got himself elected to Congress, landed a powerful/gorgeous wife, then sent pictures of his dick to several women, lied about it -- repeatedly -- and then had to resign from his House seat in disgrace? Well, now he apparently wants to be your mayor, New York.

That's right -- shamed former Congressman Anthony Weiner is reportedly plotting a return to public life, and he's got his eye on Gracie Mansion.

The New York Post yesterday ran a front-page article -- packed with penis/Weiner puns -- claiming that sources say the former congressman is flirting (sans cock-shots) with the idea of returning to public life. The sources claim he's considering a mayoral run. If that's out of the question for 2013 (read: if people aren't ready to trust a lying former congressman who sent penis pics to several women), he hopes to run for public advocate in an attempt to regain the public's trust before seeking the mayor's office in 2017.

Weiner was a pretty popular guy amongst New York City Dems, and was considered a rising star on the national political scene -- before he sent penis pics to multiple women who weren't his wife, that is. The risque photos are one thing. Vehemently/repeatedly lying about them is another.

In other words, the penis pics are indicative of extremely poor judgment -- and, while stupid, aren't the end of the world. Lying about them is indicative of, well, him being a liar, and are enough to make us never want to elect this guy dog-catcher, let alone the mayor of the entire city.

We want to know what you thing, though: would you vote for Anthony Weiner if he runs for mayor?

Cast your vote below.

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He has all the right positions on things I care about. He's in terrific shape and a healthy role model for our kids. He's the only pol I know who has the guts to stand up to the fascists who have taken over this town. (One problem...I'm not thrilled with his last name. I think he should have it legally changed to "Tiger.")


... thing is the reason he tweeted them pics is the same he ran for congress and landed that clinton aide hottie in the first place: dude's just a lucky jock and a nobody is all, an oportunist, and as such reckoned he had (yes, had, as in past tense) nothing to lose to begin with. guys with (ideas of having) big dicks will always believe they make the fucking world turn, and this clown is by no means the exception. it's new york city so i wouldn't put at least a credible attempt at a comeback past him, but bet money the DNC ain't happy 'bout him reaching any office at all should the Hillz run in 2016.


America is so going down hill. I'll pick London anyday

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