Medical Marijuana: Is Massachusetts Next?

Big news this morning for Massachusetts's prescription pot promoters: Today is the deadline for them to gather enough signatures for a medical marijuana ballot question.

So, if they get 68,000 John Hancocks, Massachusetts voters will weigh palliative pot in November.

State law requires that "more than 68,000 certified voters must sign an initial petition, with not more than one-quarter of all the signatures coming from the same county. If the Legislature does not take up the issue, an additional 11,000-plus registrar-certified signatures are needed by July 3 to put it on the ballot,"
the Associated Press reports (via Boston Globe).

The state's main medical marijuana advocacy group, Committee for Compassionate Medicine, told reporters that it had already turned in those 11,000 supplemental signatures -- and might submit more today.

The proposed Massachusetts measure would OK the drug for certain ailments and provide the legal and logistical framework for a state-run dispensary system.

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