Medical Marijuana: Will Kalamazoo, Michigan, OK Kush?

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In November, voters in Kalamazoo, Mich., will decide whether to allow prescription pot shops in their city.

As detailed on, Kalamazoo City Attorney Clyde Robinson confirmed that the measure -- originally submitted in August 2011 -- will be on the ballot this fall.

There originally had been uncertainty, Robinson said, as other medical marijuana court decisions in the state might have impacted its legal viability.

Those cases are still being decided in the state's courts.

However, Michigan statute still allows for this proposed municipal legislation to make its way onto the ballot via petition process.

Since the measure got enough signatures, voters can decide it themselves.

Why so much confusion, you might ask?

The question at hand is similar to the ongoing conflict in California. There, city and state officials are trying to figure out how to handle federal law, -- which prohibits cannabis -- in the context of state law -- which permits it for medical purposes.

So, even though the proposal might be unlawful by federal standards, voters in that Michigan city still seem have a right to decide on it.

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Oswald B. Irons
Oswald B. Irons

Just follow the money, follow the money, follow the money.  Keeping it illegal drives the price up so drug cartels make more money, which they use to buy guns (probably from US and other suppliers).  Then they take the money and launder it through US banks (this actually helped keep some banks afloat during the banking crisis - I know - I made it sound as if the banking crisis were over). Oh, yes, let's not forget the money being used as campaign contributions from private prison corporations - CCA and the Geo Group.  They buy off our politicians to ensure policy that in turn ensures a steady stream of non-violent criminals - which is why the US has the highest incarceration rate in the world. That is why I don't have a lot of hope for the legalization - to many people are making money off of it the way it is.  The legalization of marijuana is the biggest threat to their money supply.  You can say "tax and regulate" all you want, if it ever does become legal, it will be very hard to tax and regulate something that occurs so naturally, thriving on dirt, sunshine and water. I am bowing my head in silent prayer for an industrial size dose of common sense to strike the US - real soon.


 Hi, to help clarify: according to US law, cannabis is completely illegal and the worst of drugs, with no medical benefit.  The US govt needs to reclassify cannabis, to bring its definition into modern times, and eliminate the conflict with states that have their own laws.  Of the states, California has lead the way.  US law still supersedes state law.  Here in Michigan, for medical purposes only, a person can assert an affirmative defense in our state's courts, but that is not the same as being legal.  If any state's patient were in a US court, the US govt would not recognize the patient's rights. Most mainstream politicians and police, oppose ending the war on drugs.  The police can seize money & assets on a suspicion, without ever charging a person with a crime, and usually get to keep whatever was seized, to finance that police dept's war on drugs.  Also, the US govt holds a patent on cannabinoids, and large pharmaceutical companies want to synthesize it.  Now you know why the people are not being heard, in a democracy.  Industrial hemp is not allowed anywhere that I'm aware of.  It seems that legalized hemp would hurt some very large chemical companies, and other powerful interests.  The US is not "ahead" of other nations, except for the number of citizens we put in prison.

Chip Johnson
Chip Johnson

Why oh why did I move from Kalamazoo to BFE  Florida? Bad life move #578.


These world leaders should star in a pantomime. :)


I'm from UK and trying to keep up with the cannabis law you have in the USA is very confusing, surley it's either legal or it's not . No wonder people need to smoke pot with all the stress the Government put on you. Legalize it for recreational and medicinal purpose and have done with it. This argument won't ever go away.It's like a game of tennis where the ball never leaves the court. (going back and fourth) At the end of the day it should be the "people" that decide. Thats how democracy works. Seeing as the "war on drugs" has failed, what do you have to lose by at least trying it the other way and regulating it. If it don't work and it causes more problems then make it ilegal again. I would imagine ,after it;s been legal for a while things will settle down and it will become the norm just like alcohol(infact nowere near as bad). All because it's legal ,it don't mean you will have a country full of pot heads(no more than you have allready that is haha ). Not every one will like cannabis. Me on the other hand....i love it. I have never been out of work ,allways payed my taxes,run my own business,i'm not crazy (never bitten any ones face off) and have been smoking it for 20 years. I have a physical job and i find it helps ease my aches and pains after a hard days graft. Why i should feel like a criminal for that i will never understand. It's very ...VERY...sad. Even more so for the people that are really sick and need it. All Countries that fail to see the medicinal benifits of cannabis need to get real. They are only kidding them selfs. You CANNOT argue with science. Atleast your (the US) ahead of the UK,our government refuse to let anybody have it no matter what. To be perfectly honest it feels more like government abuse than them caring for peoples "health". Times are changing and both the UK and USA governments need to change witth them . Do something good for a change a put a smile on Millions of faces. Lagalize.

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