Sick, Sick, Sick: Rightbloggers Run a Fever after Obamacare Decision

We especially admire the tactic suggested by David Bernstein at The Volokh Conspiracy: "If I were a Republican Congressman," he whispered, rubbing his hands, "I'd schedule a new vote in the House on the individual mandate, but replace the 'penalty language' with language specifically acknowledging that the 'penalty' is actually a tax."

Interesting! Tell us more, Professor Bernstein. "If the Democrats vote 'aye,'" he added, a sly smile playing upon his lips, "they've acknowledged breaking the Obama pledge not to raise taxes on the middle class. If the Democrats -- specifically those who already voted for the mandate -- vote 'nay', what becomes of the tax argument in future litigation?" Bernstein obviously read our earlier post suggesting the GOP introduce legislation affirming that the Democrats are "not poopy-pants, but poopy-heads." Let's see the Dems wriggle out of that one! (Similar but shorter, Instapundit Reynolds: "White House Already Denying That Mandate Is A Tax. If you deny that it's a tax, you admit that it's unconstitutional." That's an automatic do-over!)

Victory-in-defeat became the preferred style, but some couldn't get with the program. Loons piped up calling for "patriotic resistance" and "armed rebellion." Others went grimly back to the hard, quotidian work of educating the sheeple to the dangers of universal healthcare.

"The 'cycle of interventionism' Mises warned us about continues to intensify," wrote the friends of the Other Ludwig Van at, who also provided readers with a reading list to "help the concerned citizen understand," which included "American Healthcare Fascialism" by Thomas J. DiLorenzo, "What Soviet Medicine Teaches Us" by Yuri N. Maltsev, and "Universal Coverage Means Suppressing Human Choice" by Eric M. Staib. Take 'em to the beach, America!

Libertarians Nick Gillespie and Some Guy looked with disgust on Mitt Romney's re-promise to dismantle Rombamacare. "If it's not a real market-driven plan that dismantles not only Obamacare but Medicare," they scoffed, "why am I listening?" If that doesn't get the Tea Partiers up out of the gummint-issued Hoverounds, nothing will.

At PowerLine, Scott Johnson found one of those Hitler parody videos, and chuckled, "Hitler finds out that Obamacare has been upheld by the Supreme Court. He's not any happier about it than we are, though for reasons that remain bubbling under the surface." Then he deleted the video, claiming "the humor is a little bit more obscure than usual in this genre." (His commenters were clearer about it: "Sorry, but I don't find it amusing to have Hitler agree with me.")

Meanwhile on planet Earth, Obama enjoyed a small polling bump; normal people turned their attention to the weather and Tom Cruise's divorce. And some forward-looking conservatives were bringing another high-profile case to the Supreme Court that they hoped would win the hearts of America: A plea to declare the anti-gay Defense of Marriage Act constitutional once and for all. Keep hope alive, fellas.

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