Neil Gaiman, 7, Interviewed About Scientology by the BBC in 1968

Gaiman as a teen
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Former Scientologist Patty Moher was going through her collection of old church magazines and other materials when she spotted something pretty remarkable.

I visited her this weekend at a gathering of ex-Scientologists and Scientology researchers, and several of us marveled at her find.

It was a pamphlet, dated 1969, titled "A Report to Members of Parliament on Scientology."

The 14-page item was published by Scientology's "World-Wide Public Relations Bureau" at East Grinstead in Sussex. It contains the church's responses to various objections to Scientology that had been raised by the UK and other Commonwealth governments at the time.

It also contains an interview with a child, which was apparently included in order to counter accusations that Scientology kids were being "indoctrinated."

That child was the son of David Gaiman, Scientology's PR chief in the UK at the time. Years later, Neil Gaiman would go on to fame as perhaps the most celebrated science fiction writer of his generation. But at 7 years old, he made for the model of a young Scientologist.

"Of course Scientologists educate their children in their religious philosophy. There are children's courses attended by children with parents' signed consent," the pamphlet reads. "Here is an example of the effect of Scientology on a 7-year-old."

The transcript of an interview that the BBC had broadcast the year before is then included, and we've reproduced it here. (And if there's anyone paying attention at the BBC, it sure would be great to get audio of this interview, if it can be dug up.)

As we wrote previously, Gaiman these days prefers not to talk about his Scientology past. His father, David, died in 2009. In 2010 Neil told the New Yorker that he's no longer a church member.

We've looked around, and as far as we can tell, this is the first time this transcript has been put online. So without further ado...

Neil Gaiman 7-years-old, Radio Interview BBC Radio 'World at Weekend', August 1968.

Keith Graves: What is Scientology?
Neil: It is an applied philosophy dealing with the study of knowledge.

Keith Graves: Do you know what philosophy is?
Neil: I used to, but I've forgotten.

Keith Graves: Who told you that meaning of Scientology?
Neil: In clearer words, it's a way to make the able person more able.

Keith Graves: What does it do for you -- Scientology -- does it make you feel a better boy?
Neil: Not exactly that, but when you make a release you feel absolutely great.

Keith Graves: Do you get what you call a release very often, or do you have this all the time?
Neil: Well, you only keep a release all the time when you get Clear. I'm six courses away from Clear.

Keith Graves: You're on a particular grade are you?
Neil: Well, I've just passed Grade I; I'm not Grade II yet.

Keith Graves: What is Grade I?
Neil: Problems Release.

Keith Graves: And what does this mean to you, Problems Release?
Neil: It helps you to handle quite a lot of problems.

Keith Graves: What problems do you have as a little boy that this helps you with?
Neil: Only one big problem.

Keith Graves: What's that?
Neil: My friend Stephen.

Keith Graves: Oh, I see. Is he a Scientologist?
Neil: Yes.

Keith Graves: But I mean, how does this grade that you've got, Problems Release, help you to deal with Stephen?
Neil: Well, you know, I've dealed with every single problem except Stephen, one thing Problems Release can't help me to handle.

Keith Graves: So you still fight with Stephen?
Neil: It's more of a question he fights with me.

Keith Graves: He's older than you, presumably.
Neil: Yes.

Keith Graves: And he's three grades ahead of you?
Neil: In a way, but you see, there are six main courses; but there are ever so many in-between courses. I've just finished three, and that's Engrams.

Keith Graves: What are Engrams?
Neil: Engrams are a mental image picture containing pain and unconsciousness.

Keith Graves: And what does this mean to you?
Neil: Well, shall I tell you? -- I'll give you a demonstration. You're walking along the street, and a car hooted and somebody shouted, "shooo', and a dog barked, and you tripped over a bit of metal and hurt your knee. Three years later, say, you were walking along that same place and someone shouted "shooo", and a car hooted, and a dog barked, and suddenly you feel pain in your knee. I've had one Engram that I can remember. I was jumping off the television set. We've got a gigantic television set, but it doesn't work. Onto my mom's bed and, you see, I jumped and I hit my head on the chandelier, and you know it really hurt; and I looked up and I saw it swinging, and a few minutes later I tried to test an Engram, so I set it swinging and I looked up there, and I suddenly had a headache.

Keith Graves: And how old were you when this happened?
Neil: Around three months ago.

Keith Graves: Oh, I see. How long have you been studying Scientology?
Neil: I started at five, now I'm seven.

Keith Graves: Seven years old. Extraordinary, isn't it?

This child was badly affected by his connection with Scientology. He was refused entry to his prep school on the grounds of his parents' connection with Scientology and in the light of the Minister's statement.

Well, Neil may have had a tough time at school, but he certainly turned out all right. it's a shame, however, that he doesn't fill us in on his Scientology past, and tell us his feelings about the church today.

We'd love to chat about it, Neil!

UPDATE: I learned this morning that it was Paulette Cooper who spotted this pamphlet in Patty Moher's collection yesterday and brought it to her attention before it was handed to me. Nice work, Paulette!


Narconon in Oklahoma Spent $50,000 to Fend Off Protest

Another great piece from Jeanne LeFlore of the McAlester News-Capital shows the lengths Scientology will go to when it wants to fend off criticism or disrupt a protest.

After two recent deaths at Scientology's Narconon drug treatment center in Canadian, Oklahoma, local critics planned to hold a protest over the weekend of June 23-24 on the county road outside the facility.

LeFlore reports that Narconon Arrowhead's director, Gary Smith, approached county officials...

Pittsburg County Commission Chairman Gene Rogers said he was contacted by Smith for help the weekend the protest was scheduled -- June 23 and 24th.

"He (Gary Smith) called me and said they might be having a problem with the public that weekend and he wanted help policing the area and he asked about doing overlaying (of the road)," Rogers said.

Narconon ended up spending $50,000 to resurface a half-mile section of road that weekend, and Smith claims it was done for safety, not to disrupt the protest.

I talked to Colin Henderson, who tells me what that road work looked like.

"On Saturday, they had pulled brush from woods and stacked it on the side of the road where we were going to be standing. On Sunday morning, they were resurfacing. The whole weekend the road was one way, and you couldn't stop your car," he says.

I asked him if all that work had managed to stop his protest.

"No they did not stop it," he said. And so, despite all the work to disrupt them, the protesters stood by the side of the road and held signs.

All four of them.

Four people? I asked Henderson. Yes, he answered.

I was stunned. Narconon spent $50,000 to resurface a road in order to keep four protesters away?

Yes, he told me. And it didn't work.

Now that there's been a third death at the center since October -- Stacy Murphy, 20, died at the withdrawal unit Friday morning -- Gary Smith is going to find his unscientific drug treatment center is becoming the focus of much more attention, and not something resurfacing a short stretch of road will solve.

Not only is the local media all over the growing scandal of this center, the national media is also beginning to pay attention -- a crew from NBC hit town this weekend, we hear.

Yesterday, LeFlore talked to Stacy Murphy's father, Robert, who had this to say...

"I want to know her death wasn't in vain, that changes will be made," Murphy said Saturday....

"We sent her there to get better, not to die," he said.

Use this link to see our ongoing coverage of Narconon, Scientology's quack drug treatment program.


Scientology Sunday Funnies

We have a special Sunday helping of funnies this week. Yesterday, ex-Scientologists, Internet researchers, and journalists gathered for an annual get-together in Connecticut at the home of Patty Moher. We thought a few photos captured the mood and might go down well with your Sunday morning coffee.

I can't really remember what it was that ex-Scientologist Chuck Beatty was explaining when this photograph was taken. I only know that it had to be really deep...


It was great to finally meet Roger Weller, a former Scientologist whose tales of the early days we've found endlessly fascinating. That is Weller with Mick Jagger on his T-shirt, capturing a scene from 1972...


And finally, researcher and talk show host "Radio Paul" shows a choice of sartorial splendor that gave us flashbacks to Ingleside on the Bay...


For a Scientology watcher, it was something to see Paulette Cooper, Nancy Many, and Kate Bornstein all gathered in one place with a lot of other luminaries.

The day was so distracting, we simply didn't have time to put together a Commenters of the Week collection. But the commenting headaches were so bad this week after we changed over to the Livefyre system, we might as well ruin your Sunday altogether.

Speaking of our commenting chaos, please know that I've been passing on your complaints to our web team, and they are repairing things as quickly as they can. Yes, that means, for example, that they are working to bring back your ability to edit a comment. And hopefully soon, we'll have the compatibility problems fixed.

More big stories brewing.

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As for hot subjects we've covered here, you may have heard about Debbie Cook, the former church official who rebelled and was sued by Scientology. You might have also heard about the Super Power Building, Scientology's "Mecca," whose secrets were revealed here. We also reported how Scientology spied on its own most precious object, Tom Cruise. (We wrote Tom an open letter that he has yet to respond to.) Have you seen a Scientology ad on TV lately? We debunked some of the claims in that 2-minute commercial you might have seen while watching Glee or American Idol.

Other stories have looked at Scientology's policy of "disconnection" that is tearing families apart. You may also have heard something about the Sea Org experiences of the Paris sisters, Valeska and Melissa, and their friend Ramana Dienes-Browning. We've also featured Paulette Cooper, who wrote about Scientology back in the day, and Janet Reitman, Hugh Urban, and the team at the Tampa Bay Times, who write about it today. And there's plenty more coming.

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Wow these people must have no life to sit around and spy on others and care what other's think and believe. Why don't they go do something constructive with their time, like help at a homeless shelter or something. 


Stalling, deflecting and overwhelm: How Neil Gaiman's parents taught him to talk to reporters:


@John Neil Gaiman's new novel: The Ocean at the End of the Lane depicts a suicide involving a lodger which echos the very real Scientology suicide of Johannes Hermanus Scheepers, aged 29, found dead on August 31, 1968 in a car parked in Harwood's Lane.

Scheepers was staying at the Gaiman home at Harwood House South, a mile from the headquarters of Saint Hill Manor where David Gaiman worked most diligently for Scientology. 1968 was the same year Neil Gaiman was regularly being interrogated on an e meter and was interviewed by the BBC about Scientology.

OhVey 2 Like

Now there's an about a convention for us Co$ watchers?   The alums could tell their stories, the journalists could share what they have learned, etc. etc.  Maybe even some of the Indies could come and, as guest speakers, expose the inner workings of the "corporate Co$" ? 

(which would mean we would have to respect the fact that some folks still continue to believe that LRH is solution to the problems caused by DM.   And who knows.....maybe some of those people would wake up)


Maybe it could also involve a showing of The Master??


I don't know - anyone on this board experienced in organizing these things? 

Chicago is a lovely place with lots of reasonably priced hotel rooms, great restaurants, etc. 

Ok -that is just my selfishness - I would try my best to go regardless of where it was held - hopefully someplace cool that people want to go to anyway!


That could be a lot of fun - I could see those "Secret Squirrel" tshirts selling like hotcakes!  Not to mention all the Xenu merchandise.  And what better way to bring more attention/scrutiny to DM and Co.

TheHoleDoesNotExist 3 Like

The 2012 SP Party was actually an event of the decade.  I already told our host, Patty Moher, that it was like the best Christmas party I ever had as a kid, which I remember to this day in hour-by-hour detail.   I remember walking around at the party mumbling with extravagant exclamation points:   Surreal!  Stellar!  Flashbacks without Drugs!  Questions flooded my mind like, “Can you overdose on lobster?”  “Where were you when…?”  “What was I thinking?”. Forget the celebrity status.  This was an extravaganza featuring so many of my personal heroes all under one tent.   There were some who weren’t there, but this was an extraordinary hallmark day with a full spectrum cross section.   No surprise the journalists, academics, authors, researchers dug in busy interviewing or reporting throughout the day, like Tony Ortega,  Chuck Beatty,  Dr Stephen Kent,  Larry Wright (yeah, that’s right.  I can call him Larry now) and his shiny assistant, Lauren.  I got several interviews in, some stories and information passed on, but most of the time fun chats. Mind boggling, the stories, and a mental workout, trying to retrieve names and faces and places and trading them with others for their names and faces.   I wondered if sports collectors trading conventions were like this. I stepped off the porch once and looked down at a sea of awesomeness.  It struck me how savvy and sharp and quick wit hilarious every single person I’d met was and not a single whiff of arrogance anywhere.  Down home compassion and genuine interest in What’s The Story?  Patty had done some serious toil in the soil so there were multiple tiers of garden bouquets as a backdrop, a real mix of heights and shapes,  just like all of us sitting inside this rainbow of colors.  Paulette Cooper and Paul Noble, downright delightful.  Sorry, delightful Is the right word.  Paul had me howling with his Jewish jokes and fascinated many with tales of his industry.  Denise Brennan and Nancy Many and Kate Bornstein, (Anons….close your eyes for a sec)  I swear reminded me of  Pajama Party Peppermint Patties .. you just wanted to hug them each time they walked by.  I believe I did just that and damn if I didn’t hear giggles as they walked on. Dan Garvin, Darth Xander,  Radio Paul are just exactly how you imagine them…misguided hormonal teenagers always stirring up trouble, but in a way that you wind up cheering them on. And Roger Weller, oh my god.  My other half and I swapped musician stories and musical stories then and now, but of course he had the best one and by god we’re going to unretire long enough to do some serious jammin’ before long.  Friggin’ Roger Weller. Sign Post, Moar Xenu, sweet and  loveable (sorry guys).  OK and macho as hell of course.  David Love would not model his Superman socks with the cape in the back but he Did disappear many times and whooooshed back into view after he had saved somebody’s neck somewhere in some metropolis on his party break.  No, really.  He did.  Barbz left the party 12 inches shorter after balancing her huge SP Pirate hat all day, and my hub loved talking to Tikk about sports, while I was impressed with his New York Coolness. Bozuri was sweet and tart with a charmed accent to boot and Zonker was a blast to meet.  Zonker is quite a bit like me in many ways,  so be kind and respectful if you see this person … or else.  The name fits. God, there’s so many I can’t think!  Oh,  when NY Anons came strolling in  I turned to my guy and said “Remember when you were a rock and roll on-the-road crazed lad?  Times have changed a little bit, hon.  I can’t explain the NY Anons.  They just are. And they’re here. Don‘t stare.”


Did I mention Surreal!?  I'd say there are no words, but oops, too late.

JohnPCapitalist 3 Like

I expected a really amazing crowd, and wasn't disappointed.  My guest (who hasn't to date been consumed by anti-cult fervor, but who today posted her first comment on a critic site) and I have been mulling over all that we saw and did since we got home late Saturday night. 


Without trying to name all the names, which you've done such a great job doing in your comment, it was just amazing to meet all these people that I have read about and whose words I have read for so long.  And it was a delight that they were just like I thought they were going to be, except even more so. 


A couple of particular highlights: 


Paulette Cooper and her husband were truly amazing.  Funny, bright, articulate and full of entertaining stories.  The love they feel for each other and the delight they take in each other's company was absolutely palpable; that is as much part of Paulette's legacy as the story of her childhood and the story of the abuse she suffered at the hands of this cult after her book was published.  Paulette's husband Paul is a very funny, self-effacing guy.  If you didn't know the history of the cable business, you probably would not understand just what a contribution he made to the development of the cable industry by coming up with some great ideas on how to develop and deliver compelling programming.  His innovations were instantly copied across the industry and were a very real contribution to the development of all cable programming, not just the network he worked with.  And yet he's just delightful to hang around.


Kate Bornstein was another legend.  As I said elsewhere, it's like meeting the Dalai Lama with a touch of Elizabeth Taylor (and maybe a tattooed biker chick) mixed together.  Kate exudes a warmth that is unmistakeable.  Her work telling LGBT kids it's OK to be who they are is so important in reducing suicides from a population with an appallingly high rate of suicide, self harm and other destructive behaviors. While LGBT kids are more accepted by their peers than ever before, they should not be dying because of who they are; Kate is a leading crusader to help them be safe.  But she's funny and witty and charming.  No comment on any brain licking that may or may not have taken place.  We also enjoyed meeting Kate's partner, Barbara, who is a treat in her own right and who has amazing taste in vintage eyeglasses. 


I was absolutely stunned when hostess-with-the-mostess Patty said, "Come out here and talk to Larry Wright, he reads your stuff and really wants to meet you."  I almost fainted.  Larry Wright, Pulitzer Prize winner, writer of a truly impressive book about Al Qaeda, a research interest of mine, wants to talk to ME??!!  Yet he (and Lauren, the "adult supervision" on the book) were really easy to talk to.  I can only hope that my pontification about money and the cult is of some help as he puts together his book. 


David Love:  The man. The Legend.  The Force of Nature.  What the hell do you say about this guy?  Singlehandedly closed down Narconon Quebec (which is, as we frequently point out, somewhere in rural upstate New York) and now coming down to flatten this dangerous, abusive organization's largest facility in Oklahoma.  As I said elsewhere today, David is like Mother Theresa crossed with John Wayne.  It was really fun to talk to him about all sorts of things, Narconon-related and otherwise. 


Radio Paul:  I sat next to him at dinner; nobody introduced us, so I asked him what his thing was.  He said he mostly protested at the DC org.  He is so modest he never mentioned Radio Paul.  I would have fallen off my chair and done one of those Wayne's World "I'm not worthy" dances had he owned up to his magnificence, especially in the recent interview of Tony Ortega for his show. 


There were too many other great conversations to even begin to write about them all.  Truly a memorable event, with enough to reflect back on until next year.  I was so honored to be invited given my relatively low time being involved in the movement. 

JohnPCapitalist 1 Like

 @TheHoleDoesNotExist ^^^ what she said.  Exactly...


 @JohnPCapitalist Oh gawd, yeah, that John P guy lurked and slurped around all day.  We couldn't get rid of him.  Lol.  Thanks JP.  I need someone else to take up the "report" because there were so many.  It was nice to know you really are a Good greedy bastard.  Who knew such an oxymoron existed in our midst? 

JohnPCapitalist 1 Like

 @TheHoleDoesNotExist By the way, TheHoleDoesNotExist understates her contribution to the mood and to the amazing discussions.  The set of goodie bags that she prepared for many of the guests were absolutely hysterical.  I was honored to have received one and it contained a great card and something totally appropriate for a denizen of Global Capitalism HQ.  What a great heart you have and what a fun contribution you made to an amazing event.  Thank you again! 

TheHoleDoesNotExist 1 Like

My paragraphs got ate up, but all in all,  the tech guys are on the mark.  thank you!

dbloch7986 1 Like

The interview is interesting. It sounds like the same disjointed Q&A Session that you would end up having with any Scientologist. It serves as evidence of the regressive quality of Scientology indoctrination.


Most Scientologists act and think like small children, the same as this boy. From their overall attitude, to their temper, to their conversational skills and all the way down to their passive aggressive responses in 1-on-1 conversations. Even the organization as a whole acts like a child with way too little to do and way too many toys to play with.


Narconon has way too much money to play with if they can afford to spend over $10,000 per protester, per event. It's funny because inside the church Scientologists talk about how few people show up to these protests and they joke and poke fun at Anonymous. At the same time, watching the reaction from the outside shows unadulterated fear.


That order to spend $50k on the protesters had to have come from David Miscavich himself. I wonder if one day someone will be able to hack into the communications network of the church and bring the IRS some data files that invalidate Micavich's exemption settlement.


Finally, let's get to the important part. What kind of food is served at these gatherings? That way I can plan to go next year if I it sounds delicious.


As far as the new commenting software, it's nice. Not nearly as drastic a change as I thought. Hopefully, we can get the edit button back soon. I like finally being able to have my avatar the way I always wanted it.


How come the Gaimans get to keep their monopoly on the supply of vitamins for scientologists? I'd have though a 'bottom line' kinda guy like Miscavige would have stripped them of that particularly lucrative cherry years ago.

RobertEckert 2 Like

 @NannyPlum I don't think most companies would willingly take on the potential liability of selling to someone who is open about their intentions of misusing the product in a medically unsound way that has already resulted in a corpse count.  I don't think Miscavige has much choice about continuing the monopoly relationship.

Scilonschools 2 Like

I think Neil G already did his 'interview' in the form of the story 'Coraline', when my daughter was 8 years old and watched it she said, 'That's just like the 'devil club' (her name for Scientology), isn't it daddy!'.


Thanks Neil for that insight!!

Scilonschools 1 Like

'Stardust' isn't too far from the mark either!!!

(East Grinstaed aka Wall!!)


Maybe just me but something spooky about the Denver shootings, James Holmes from Riverside Co. Calif, then Denver , suffering from dellusional paranoia, 'living out his fantasies' and clearly insane.Just reminds me geographically and behaviorly familiar from somewhere!!


Scilonschools 1 Like

"James Holmes, the alleged "Joker" gunman, described his fascination with altered states of mind in a lecture to other students, and dosed up on prescription medication before the atrocity, it emerged on Sunday"


Off topic - I'm checking out older scientology articles and around June 20th and before there are no comments at all for past articles.  I'm certain there were before because I was lurking and reading them.  I assume they got lost in the system changeover but will they be back?  If not, that would be quite a loss.  :-(


edit: The comments seem to have disappeared for only a couple weeks worth of articles, not all like I thought.  But I remember the June 20th one on Debbie Cook had quite a few and now there are none. 

media_lush 2 Like



I don't know how much is ongoing or how much is regarded as fixed... I think it would be a good idea to maybe have a dedicated page re the new commentating glitches for posters.


One of my biggest frustrations is trying to track down a response to a post that I get in the new email notification system you can choose to have. It's okay if there are less than a hundred comments but if the article has 500+ the email link just sends you to the page.... it would be seriously super cool if it actually sent you to the comment itself as I often can't remember where in the chronological hierarchy the comment is responding to..... there's nothing more annoying than having to open numerous "50 More Comments", scrolling up and down until you come to the actual new comment.  If I remember rightly the old Disqus system would show the "latest comments" irregardless of where they appeared in the chronological order if you choose newest first.


Simple problem to fix.... the difference between Newest | Oldest buttons must be "one pixel point"... they look pretty much identical.... make it obvious which one you've selected by making it way more bolder.


Whilst the "New Comment" windows work well in theory I find them hit and miss in practise. Curious: if you have 50 comments open [default setting] and somebody responds to a comment that would be, say, 250 out of 500 comments when you click on the new comment window does it open the 50 window parameter that that comment is in so you now have 100 comments showing? (I think this is where a big part of the issues may lie). Furthermore clicking on the new comment window occasionally shoots me to the top of the page.


A great feature to have would be a proper search that worked for all comments in that article rather than the default thing that comes with the browser which is limited to the actual page open.


just a couple of thoughts I hope help [FTR - Latest Lion OS on iMac.... iOS is a total new ballgame where you've said you're working on an iPad patch]




Just a suggestion..... I think that once we get past a certain number of posts that a new default setting should be implemented. The Original comments should be collapsed and a line underneath should show the total number of replies with the next bit showing new replies since your last visit. This would allow you to quickly scroll down the page and see the particular comment that you're following really quickly and if anyone has replied. This should be pretty easy to do as you have the comments expanded as default with the show comments button already there [but no 'new comments added']


hope that made sense.


How do I get my name off of a previous post? I mistakenly signed up to MyVoiceNation, not realizing that I can't hide my name!  When I click on the picture, it shows my full name! I have gone back and tried editing, etc. 

John 7 Like

Neil Gaiman is listed in 2009 as a Cornerstone Club member for donating $35,000.00 to Scientology. Gaiman continues to pay the cult and has been named a patron of Scientology. Now I see why. He was being brainwashed at age five by his abusive parents David and Sheila Gaiman who were also experimenting on children in Russia with their purification rundown supplied by their Vitamin company G&G. What a sad story. Gaiman learned to lie and manipulate as a child. He is a damaged human being who has no idea what it means to be a free person. He's still in the clutches of Scientology and paired of with Amanda Palmer who is from a Sea Org family.


 @John I would't be surprised if Neil's family or ex-wife Mary Gaiman made the donation in his name.  


 @John Neil and Mary Gaiman are listed as a couple for the donation which makes no sense as Neil and Amanda Palmer were dating in 2009 and he seperated from his wife five years previous. Yes his family are all $'s but maybe he doesn't want to risk disconnection by being anti cult?



 @TheHorse  @John  It makes sense to Scientology. They have their own internal contract system. You can see in the Vanity Fair article that Scientology will arrange dates and marriages to other Scientologisrts. Amanda Palmer comes from a Sea Org family. As cynical and crazy as it is for outsiders or Wogs to comprehend, Mary Gaiman and Amanda Palmer are just contractual partners for Neil Gaiman in Scientology's mysoginist internal finance and publicity system. They knew about each other and the whole arrangement was no doubt drafted by Gaiman's crazy LA sister Claire Edwards, head of worldwide recruiting. Gaiman is a Scientology tool.

Ceci9 2 Like

 @TheHorse  @John They're business partners in the Blank Corporation, which made the donation.

BosonStark 5 Like

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Don't miss Tony Ortega's interview with Radio Paul. It's terrific. As we know, Tony is a great talker, and he reveals a few things I didn't know about his involvement in Scientology reporting.

This comment has been deleted


 @NChante I'm on my PC with Firefox. It seems to be loading much better than last week. I actually like the "new comment" feature. It works for me and takes me right to the new comment.

deElizabethan 1 Like

The Gaiman interview was scientologically stated. Reminds me when I first learned to answer those kinds of questions, by rote. Good expose'.

Sounds like some neat exes had a very happy time and lucky you to have joined them. Thanks for the great pictures. Like Chuck's haircut. A good Sunday all around. 

all.clear 3 Like

Cornerstone Newsletter: List of Members in GOOD STANDING --- 2009: MARY AND NEIL GAIMAN ($35,000.00)

BurytheNuts 8 Like

Keith Graves: Who told you that meaning of Scientology?

Neil: In clearer words, it's a way to make the able person more able.


At seven years old he has already been trained how to deflect.


I am really glad that when I was seven I was chasing ice cream trucks and making race tracks in the mud for my hot wheels cars.


smallchange 1 Like

 @BurytheNuts Probably by rote instruction, not contemplation of another definition or deflection. But that is only my guess.

OTVIIIisGrrr8! 9 Like

During our surprise inspection of Narconon Arrowhead, we noticed that the blacktop on 1/2 miles of road was not ideal, i.e. it was not up to COB's standards of idealnessess. In other words, it is not a road that Tom Cruise and his celebrity friends would be proud to motor along.


Because we in RTC deal each day with idealnessess, we accept nothing less. Thus, we ordered our juniors in the Landlord's Office to have this section of road resurfaced with the finest asphalt available. That the date of resurfacing the road interfered with some planned demonstration by Nazi Psycho-Terrorists was purely coincidental.


These so-called "protesters" are anarcho-terrorist drug fiends hopped up on LSD and paid by Big Pharma to attack the Scientology religion. These homo sap perverts are known by many names in the lexicon of terror:


* Suppressive Persons

* Psychs

* Degraded Beings

* Wogs

* Homo Saps

* Criminals

* 1.1's

* No Case Gains

* Bitter Defrocked Apostates

* Nazis

* Nazi Psychs

* Terrorists

* Anons






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 The next time, these Okie road workers will use ideal oil in their asphalt mix. Will the wog world never learn the importance of oiliness in Scientology?

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Don't overlook this story:


Stacy Murphy's roommate rescued from Narconon Arrowhead by local police. 

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Something at that mcalesternews link tried to pass me a trojan -- probably one of their advertisers.  Make sure your firewall is up if you click it.

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Am I completely wrong in remembering that Neil Gaiman's name was on a list of SP's issued by the Church at one stage? If so he may have done A-E to overcome disconnection.


 @Doloras I think he may have been declared at one point.  Neil and his wife at the time, Mary, were in the Sea Org together.  Not sure if he did A-E or the cult said "All forgiven" when he became famous.


 @Doloras Yes, I read that too but it was years ago.  You might be able to find the reference at wwp, they seem to have covered everything regarding Neil's status.

John 1 Like

 @Doloras Mark Headly states Neil Gaiman was reinstated in his book Blown for Good.


 Gaiman's amends is to try and get into China@Doloras 

windhorsegallery 1 Like

 @Doloras Very unlikely.  However, he's father - David WAS declared and had to do A-E which he completed successfully.  Part of his amends was getting scientology into Russia. Siberia I believe.

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