The 2012 Olympics, Day 2: America Rakes In


Running off of yesterday's steam, we spent a decent part of our Saturday night glancing back and forth at the TV screen to catch glimpses of whatever Olympic sport NBC decided was best for us to watch at that given moment. Well, now we're back from all that jazz with some news from the past 24 hours of that whole thing that's going on in London. 

One word: America.

First off, we have to give a shout-out to Liz Neal. Not only is she sixteen years old and from BROOKLYN but she is the second African-American in history to place in the Olympics swimming competition. Ms. Neal won the bronze yesterday in the 4x100 relay. Hats off to this phenomenal young woman.

Second, let's talk about the havoc America is wreaking across the pond. Rack 'em:

- Move over, China; we Americans do love our guns. 33-year-old Kim Rhodes destroyed records this afternoon when she won the gold in woman's skeet, becoming the first athlete from the U.S.A. to ever win five medals in five consecutive Olympic Games. This woman hit 99 out of 100 targets - who said America has lost her way?

- Is this the Dream Team, Part Deux? Yesterday, our men's national team for basketball did work on France, beating the monsieurs 98-71. LeBron was the star of the game with youngster Anthony Davis making an appearance at the end for the win. On to the next one.

With Rhodes' victory today and Lochte's win over Phelps yesterday in the 400m individual swimming medley, America now has 2 gold medals, falling a bit behind (damnit!) China's six so far. We also have three silvers and two bronzes.

And that's only Day 2.


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What a great start for Team USA, so glad to see Brooklyn’s very own Liz Neal win a bronze. I enjoyed watching Rhodes win the gold in women’s skeet and Lochte win the 400m swimming competition. I hope Team USA’s basketball team becomes the Dream Team part deux! That would be huge! I’ve enjoyed watching all the wins so far for Team USA. It provides for some good conversation with my coworkers at Dish. I watch on my Hopper where I can start watching a recording on one TV in one room and continue watching in the next! It’s so convenient!

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