The Obama Campaign Ad Everyone on the Internet is Talking About

The Huffington Post's homepage screams "OBAMA UNLOADS: BRUTAL NEW AD." The term 'brutal' might be an overstatement; 'laughable' might be a bit more apropos. But the Obama campaign's new ad, entitled "Firms," is one to remember. Why? Because what's better than an attack ad based on someone's shitty singing skills.

In the video, the sound of Romney singing "America, the Beautiful" is eerily juxtaposed with news links stating that the Presidential challenger, both at Bain and in Massachusetts, outsourced our jobs to other countries. Now, Mitt has told reporters that these attacks are unfounded and, according to independent fact-checkers, he never outsourced any jobs while he was involved in private equity or government. And he may or may not be true: that is for the voters to decide come November.

But the intention of the video here is (kind of) clear: America, in Romney's eyes, is not that beautiful, for jobs at least.

We remember when Romney's rendition of the patriotic song took place: deep in the mire of the Republican primaries, the former Governor went looking for votes down in Florida. And he found his crowd at a retirement home, which, is like, the norm in Florida, right? To connect with a demographic he already had in the bag, the Bain man started belting out the tunes. Watch the video here and FYI: look at the faces in the audience. Yes, you will feel awkward... but in a great way.

Now, this video went viral just ten days after another classic did: Obama singing Al Green at the Apollo. Clearly, Romney wanted to tell voters that he, too, be as cool as his rival and sing his heart out (regardless of this whole re-invention of singing contests on television, is that a credential for the Oval Office?). But why "America, the Beautiful?" Come on, Romney; if you're going to sing for us, sing "Call Me Maybe" or, like, "Cotton Eye Joe." Patriotic songs are wonderful and all but they don't really get a crowd going.

So the next step in Romney's ad campaign is simple: juxtapose all the failures of the Obama Presidency with his Al Green tune. Imagine a video where news accounts that read "Guantanamo Still Open" or "Drone Attacks Continue" while Obama swoons, "Soooo in loveeee with youuuu." First off, think of the shock value this ad could have on the media. Second, Mitt's main problem with his voter connection is his reputation for being out of touch with seemingly everyone in the Universe. This dose of humor would fix that in a heartbeat.

Attention, Mr. Romney: we just gave you the greatest ad idea since the Daisy days of Lyndon B. Johnson. Run with it... it's for your own good.


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This is SO not about Romney's singing skills.  Romney could have, with a most beautiful voice, given a pitch-perfect rendition of the song, and the ad would be just as true & effective. And the ad is not looking down on patriotic tunes in favor of any uptempo feet movers at all. Way to miss the forest for one or two trees.

Aaron Aarons
Aaron Aarons

Obama is a very good representative of the bankster-capitalist class that is doing very well while a majority of the world's population, including in the U.S., is being screwed by them. And the reason the U.S. economy is not obviously self-destructing is that the international bankster-capitalist class is too tied into the objectively worthless U.S. dollar to stop pretending that the empire isn't naked.  (The only real, material backing for the dollar is the ability of the U.S. killitary to attack any resource-rich country that stops accepting these imaginary dollars as payment for their real resources) 

Aaron Aarons
Aaron Aarons

Obama has continued the crap that Presidents, Congress, the courts, et al., have been dishing out for decades and, in some respects, for centuries. He's been worse in some respects, particularly with the attack on political liberties, but less bad in other respects, such as gay rights and women's rights. But, basically, he's just a pretty face for the U.S. capitalist Empire who, because of his racial/ethnic background and his supposed history as a 'community organizer' and associate of EX-radicals, has been able to ensure that the only major opposition to his pro-capitalist policies comes from the more rabidly pro-capitalist right-wing nut cases like Amos2.


but he does sing perrdy

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