A Suggestion For Urologist Accused Of Peaking Up Women's Skirts: Gynecology

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A Manhattan urologist was arrested after police say he used a tiny pen-camera to shoot video up women's skirts on the subway Wednesday afternoon.

Given Dr. Adam Levinson's (pictured) job as an award-winning urologist at Mount Sinai Hospital, his apparent fascination with vaginas indicates that he might be in the wrong field.

Levinson's job requires him to stare at penises all day long. He allegedly moonlights as an up-skirt pervert, who goes to tremendous lengths to get a glimpse of unsuspecting vaginas.

Logically, there's a great way to combine his profession with his hobby: gynecology.

Sure, it's a perv-y reason to go back to med school, but if Levinson's shooting voyeuristic videos of women's vaginas on the subway, he's already a pervert -- he might as well get paid for it!

Levinson was arrested Wednesday night after a man spotted him holding a newspaper with a pen sticking out of it dangerously close to the bottom of a woman's skirt on the subway near the Union Square station. The man watched as Levinson did something similar to another woman, which is when he thought something might be up.

The man told authorities that she sensed something was suspicious. Cops then questioned Levinson, which is when they found the camera pen.

Video recovered from the pen revealed that Levinson was in fact shooting footage of the vaginas of strangers he saw on the subway. He was booked into jail on charges of unlawful surveillance and harassment. He was released on $5,000 bail.

Levinson's been suspended from his job at the hospital, which issued the following statement:

"This is a police matter and Mount Sinai is cooperating fully with the authorities. The employee has been suspended pending the result of the investigation by the District Attorney's office."

We'll play devil's advocate for a moment and assume Levinson's not a complete pervert; as we mentioned, the guy stares at dicks all day long -- perhaps he just needed a change of pace.

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This is the year of the vagina. Really. How many times have you heard or seen the word in public? Or pubic?  Get the guy in gynecology, and let him look at the genitals of the superior sex!


Oh why can't women just accept the fact that they should be naked at all times, if not also sexually available to all cummerz????


Heck no. There are no more new men entering the OB/GYN field. They are all women. And good thing, too.

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