Medical Marijuana: Arizona's Dispensary Lottery Results in Legal Confusion

Well, we really don't know what to make of all this...

As we have been attentively tracking any and all U.S. drug policy developments, a common motif is the legal confusion surrounding medical marijuana.

In California, for example, some municipalities have held back on clearly defining dispensary policies, as they are not sure about the relationship between federal statute -- which bars bud -- and state statute -- which welcomes weed. Officials in other cities, such as Oakland, have banded behind dispensaries, outright criticizing federal crackdowns as harmful to patients.

In Colorado, on the other hand, much of the state is vehemently pro-prescription pot and plan on protesting Barack Obama's anti-drug policies when he makes a campaign stop in the swing state.

Things get really weird, though, when we talk about Arizona.

Remember that the state's health officials planned on holding a lottery to dole out dispensary permits for prescription pot?

The contest did take place yesterday, awarding 97 licenses in a "four-hour, bingo-style drawing," according to the Arizona Republic.

However, Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne believes that the dispensaries break federal drug laws.

And Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery promised to prosecute any and all pot shops.

All of this, of course, comes after Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer and Horne tried to put the kibosh on kush with a federal law suit last year.

However, the judge junked their lawsuit, and a lower-court judge also determined that the dispensary process must continue.

And so the U.S. cannabis circus continues -- nobody really knows WTF is up, and it's unclear whether that will be resolved anytime soon.

Regardless, we'll keep you posted with any updates.

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Arizona has been told by the feds not to enforce federal immigration law.  Why do they think they have to enforce federal marijuana laws?  The word idiots seems like an understatement.



Some simple facts:


* Prohibition has been a slow but relentless degradation (death by a zillion cuts) of all our cherished national institutions, that will leave us crippled for numerous generations. 


* The US federal government is now the most dangerous and corrupt corporation on the planet.


* In 1989, 'The Kerry Committee' found that the United States Department of State had made payments to drug traffickers. Concluding, that even members of the U.S. State Department, themselves, were involved in drug trafficking. Some of the payments were made even after the traffickers had been indicted by federal law enforcement agencies - or even while these traffickers were under active investigation by these same agencies.


* Colombia, Peru, Mexico or Afghanistan with their coca leaves, marijuana buds or poppy sap are not igniting temptation in the minds of our weak, innocent citizens. These countries are duly responding to the enormous demand that comes from within our own borders. Invading or destroying these countries, thus creating more hate, violence, instability, injustice and corruption, will not fix our problem.


* A rather large majority of people will always feel the need to use drugs such as heroin, opium, nicotine, amphetamines, alcohol, sugar, or caffeine.


* The massive majority of adults who use drugs do so recreationally - getting high at the weekend then up for work on a Monday morning. 


* Apart from the huge percentage of people addicted to both sugar and caffeine, a small minority of adults (nearly 5%) will always experience the use of drugs as problematic. Approx. 3% are dependent on alcohol and approx. 1.5% are dependent on other drugs such as methamphetamine, cocaine, heroine etc. 


* Just as it was impossible to prevent alcohol from being produced and used in the U.S. in the 1920s, so too, it is equally impossible to prevent any of the aforementioned drugs from being produced, distributed and widely used by those who so desire. 


* Prohibition kills more people and ruins more lives than the drugs it prohibits.


* Due to Prohibition (historically proven to be an utter failure at every level), the availability of most of these mood-altering drugs has become so universal and unfettered that in any city of the civilized world, any one of us would be able to procure practically any drug we wish within an hour.


* Throughout history, the prohibition of any mind-altering substance has always exploded usage rates, overcrowded jails, fueled organized crime, created rampant corruption of law-enforcement, even whole governments while inducing an incalculable amount of suffering and death. 


* The CIA was/is running Heroin from Vietnam, Southeast Asia and Afghanistan, and moving Cocaine from Central America. This has been well documented—by the 1989 Kerry Committee, as well as academic researchers such as Alfred McCoy, Peter Dale Scott, and the late Gary Webb.


* It's not even possible to keep drugs out of prisons, but prohibitionists wish to waste trillions of dollars in an utterly futile attempt to keep them off our streets.


* The United States jails a larger percentage of it's own citizens than any other country in the world, including those run by the worst totalitarian regimes, yet it has far higher use/addiction rates than most other countries.


* Prohibition is the "Goose that laid the golden egg" and the lifeblood of terrorists as well as drug cartels. Both the Taliban and the terrorists of al Qaeda derive their main income from the prohibition-inflated value of the opium poppy. An estimated 44 % of the heroin produced in Afghanistan, with an estimated annual destination value of US $ 27 Billion, transits through Pakistan. Prohibition has essentially destroyed Pakistan's legal economy and social fabric. We may be about to witness the planet's first civil war in a nation with nuclear capabilities. - Kindly Google 'A GLOBAL OVERVIEW OF NARCOTICS-FUNDED TERRORIST GROUPS' Only those opposed or willing to ignore these facts want things the way they are.


* The future depends on whether or not enough of us are willing to take a long look at the tragic results of prohibition. If we continue to skirt the primary issue while refusing to address the root problem then we can expect no other result than a worsening of the current dire situation—Good intentions, wishful thinking and pseudoscience are no match for the immutable realities of human nature.


* Many important advancements in human society, even the reasonable requirement that gynecologists wash their hands before examining a patient, have invariably been resisted by unconscionable, selfish individuals, who maliciously use fear and mendacity while sacrificing the well-being of the rest of us.


Prohibition; never have so many been endangered and impoverished by so few so quickly!


* The urge to save humanity is almost always a false-face for the urge to rule it. —H. L. Mencken (1880-1956) American editor, essayist and philologist.



* 2010 Reported Corporate Revenues:


    Johnson & Johnson = $61.90 billion

    Pfizer= $50.01 billion

    GlaxoSmithKline = $45.83 billion

    Novartis = $44.27

    Sanofi-Aventis = $41.99 billion

    AstraZeneca = $32.81 billion

    Merck & Co. = $27.43 billion

    Eli Lilly = $21.84 billion

    Anheuser-Busch InBev (2007) = $16.70 billion

    MillerCoors = $3.03 billion

    Pabst = $0.50 billion


* As with torture, prohibition is a grievous crime against humanity. If you support it, or even simply tolerate it by looking the other way while others commit it, you are an accessory to a very serious moral transgression against humanity.


* The United States re-legalized certain drug use in 1933. The drug was alcohol, and the 21st amendment re-legalized its production, distribution and sale. Both alcohol consumption and violent crime dropped immediately as a result, and very soon after, the American economy climbed out of that same prohibition engendered abyss into which it had foolishly fallen.  


‎"Institutions will try to preserve the problem to which they are the solution." 

—Clay Shirky.



Where are you writing from? There is no confusion in Arizona. "Medical" marijuana dispensaries are dead in the water. 


confusion is another prohibitionist tool. Creating a "problem" where there is none.

Cannabis "circus" is created by Govt workers so they dont have to allow mj regulations.



In 1970, President Nixon appointed Raymond P. Shafer as chairman of the National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse, also known as the Shafer Commission.


While the Controlled Substances Act was being drafted in a House committee in 1970, Assistant Secretary of Health Roger O. Egeberg had recommended that marijuana "temporarily " be placed in Schedule I, the most restrictive category of drugs, pending the Shafer Commission's report.


On March 22, 1972, Mr. Shafer presented a report to Congress and the public entitled "Marijuana, A Signal of Misunderstanding”. The Commission concluded that marijuana users "are essentially indistinguishable from their non-marijuana using peers by any fundamental criterion other than their marijuana use." They found that, "Neither the marijuana user nor the drug itself can be said to constitute a danger to public safety." The Commission recommended "Decriminalization of possession of marijuana for personal use on both the state and federal levels."


 @kevin_hunt you left out 2 vital details in the conclusion of this story,  Nixon's reply to these finding were" don't try to confuse me with the facts, I've made up my mind about marijuana".   Shafer was then fired and the position he was promised in the Nixon administration was given to someone else.


@housemusic3Right you are housemusic. 


More Nixon Quotes: 


“I want a Goddamn strong statement about marijuana. Can I get that out of this sonofabitching, uh, Domestic Council? I mean one on marijuana that just tears the ass out of them.”


“At least with liquor I don’t lose motivation.”


“I see another thing in the news summary this morning about it. That’s a funny thing, every one of the bastards that are out for legalizing marijuana is Jewish. What the Christ is the matter with the Jews, Bob, what is the matter with them? I suppose it’s because most of them are psychiatrists.”


“By God we are going to hit the marijuana thing, and I want to hit it right square in the puss, I want to find a way of putting more on that.”


“You see, homosexuality, dope, immorality in general. These are the enemies of strong societies. That’s why the Communists and the left-wingers are pushing the stuff, they’re trying to destroy us.”


“You have to face the fact that the whole problem is really the blacks. The key is to devise a system that recognizes this all while not appearing to.”


“Soft-headed psychiatrists who work in places like NIMH (National Institute for Mental Health) favor marijuana because they’re probably all on the stuff themselves.”

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