Donald Trump Gets Statesmanly By Calling Arianna Huffington Ugly. Florida GOP Stands By His Statesmanship

Donald Trump used Twitter to call someone ugly. He's officially a 13-year-old girl.
Billions of dollars can buy just about anything, but it can't buy class -- as is made painfully obvious by "Birther" billionaire Donald Trump on almost a daily basis.

The Donald's latest act of douchiness happened just a few hours ago -- like a 13-year-old girl, he took to Twitter this morning to call Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington ugly.

As you can see in the image above, Trump's tweet made the jump from immature to flat-out sleazy when he got personal about Huffington's gay former husband.

The comment comes just days after Trump was named "Statesman of the Year" by the Sarasota County Republican Party, which tells the Voice it has no plans to strip him of the honor, despite his less-than-statesmanly comments (more on that below).
Trump apparently is a little pissy about an article posted on the Huffington Post website yesterday arguing that...well...Trump's seemed a little pissy lately. So, he responded by blasting off a sophomoric "tweet."

On Sunday, Trump made an ass of himself with his incessant "Birther" bullshit while accepting the "Statesman of the Year" award from the Sarasota County Republican Party.

Sophomoric insults don't seem to be all that statesman-like -- not to mention, Trump apparently (inadvertently) now endorses homosexual relationships, which is a far-cry from the Party's general attitude towards homosexuals, and from where Trump stood on the gayz earlier this year when he was pretending to run for president.

When asked by the Des Moines Register if he supported gay marriage -- or if gay couples should have the same access to benefits as heterosexual couples -- the Donald answered "no and no."

Given his apparent new-found acceptance of homosexual relationships -- and his less-than-statesmanly comments about Huffington -- we called the cell phone of Joe Gruters, the chairman of the Sarasota GOP, and were met with a somewhat ironic/hilarious voicemail message -- after identifying himself as Joe Gruters, the chairman plays a message from his "friend" Trump saying "Joe is a great guy. Joe is just terrific" (try it -- it's funny: 941-914-2004).

Dopey voicemail messages aside, Gruters returned our call and says the group has no plans of stripping Trump of his award.

"Absolutely not," Gruters tells the Voice when asked if he plans to take back the award. "[Trump] tells the truth and that's what the American people want -- he's straightforward and the award was based on his achievements as a great American."

In a twist, Gruters concedes that he doesn't actually know what Trump said about Huffington.

Moral of the story: Donald Trump is a scumbag.

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While you would probably disagree with me on several pressing issues, I do enjoy your humor and telling observations. But, here's the deal. If you are going to be the calling out guy, it is not fair to exaggerate to the point of dismissal. I recognize Trump's character flaws (he gets credit for displaying them so obviously), but he didn't say "ugly," he said "unattractive." Now, some may argue that I am splitting hair (pun intended), but your point is that his twitter lacks class.


 It is far and away more classy to say "unattactive,"than "ugly," plus, he adds "inside and out." So, his point? I believe somehow her lack of ouwardt beauty has impacted her inner beauty. That is not always the case, (Jimmy Durante comes to mind), but for some who constantly decry the shallowness of outer beauty, they sure seem to have a problem living with it. "I fear thou protesteth too much."




He needs to end the self-delusion, admit defeat, man up and shave off what little is left already..


"[Trump] tells the truth and that's what the American people want -- he's straightforward and the award was based on his achievements as a great American."


Why yes, trump's wet sock "you're ugly-your show has poor ratings" wit leaves us speechless and we only admire him when he tells the truth in a 6,000 year old earth and legitimate rape sort of way.


Real definition of ugly: *spoiler*


Melania seems to be easily pleased and encourages him to hurry.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Wikipedia sez: "A statesman is usually a politician, diplomat or other notable figure who has

had a long and respected career at the national or international level." The Sarasota tuskers

should explain how Trump fits that description.

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